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I decided to do this MLSP review to show you some of the key things MLSP does for the home business owner. But, before we get into that, let's just get real for a moment.

Starting a home business is very rarely as easy as the person who brought you into the business makes it out to be.

Unfortunately because of this fact, far too many give up much too soon because their expectations aren't realistic from the get-go.

It's because they're out there CHASING prospects. Desperately begging for their friends, family, and even strangers to join their business. And you quickly find out the truth…

Your friends and family aren't any more interested in joining your business, than you are interested in getting a job where they work.

How often do you beg uncle Joe the plumber how you can get into the plumbing business? Probably never.

Most of them aren't even close to the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur because that's not how the majority of people are programmed in society.

They're in the mindset of working 9 to 5 until they're lucky enough to get a pension one day that will hopefully last them until they die. They simply more than likely don't want MORE like you do.

In fact, they probably want less. Less responsibility. Less putting themselves out there. It's not always the case, but many times you will find its true.

To be straight up honest with you, there is nothing wrong with wanting to work a job. If a person is content with their life where they are, then all the more power to them.

However, with that in mind trying to bring people into your business shouldn't be filled with tons of convincing and arm twisting. AKA (hard selling).

This is unfortunately what most do when attempting to build a home business of any type is bug and chase.


(Prospects Who Are Already Sold on the Dream of the Home Business Lifestyle)…

Sounds pretty logical right? I mean if you are selling vacation packages wouldn't it make sense to sell them to people that like to travel? It's the same thing with your home business.

When you start doing things right, you begin to realize that there's an endless pool of those people out there. You just have to attract them to YOU!

Because let's face it (and you know this better than anyone)…once you get bit by that home biz bug and ALL of it's potential, it keeps itching and itching. It's an itch that never goes away.

Those are the people you want to work with and align yourself with because they have a fire inside to actually build and pursue their dreams.

So its important to know that there's no need to quit just because your warm market friends and family aren't interested.

Or because you got no bites when you started spamming ALL about your new business opportunity to your friends list.

You just have to start using effective online marketing strategies that attract the people who want what you have, who want YOU to lead them, and who are ALREADY in the mindset to create a better life for themselves and their family.

This is called “Attraction Marketing” and you can learn more about it by Clicking Here.

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7 Ways MLSP Can Help YOU Build Your Home Based Business

#1: Brand YOU and NOT Your Company

So here's something that you may not realize yet. And until you do you probably wont reap the benefits you could.

Your prospects don't care as much about what company they join, as they do about WHO they join! And of course you want that WHO to be YOU!

Read that again, because it's an essential truth to understand!

The people out there, looking to succeed in a home business, aren't looking for companies.

They're looking for someone who will show them how to succeed in a business. It makes complete sense because most of these folks have joined business opportunities they've previously failed in, or are failing in NOW.

They got swept up by a compensation plans, shown to them by people who were likely in the dark just like themselves. They got bit by the bug of potential, but never were able to follow through because they didn't know how to do it correctly.

Brand Yourself as the Leader They Want to Follow!

MLSP lets you do exactly that in many ways which we'll continue to go into below. But it's important that you understand how VITAL it is to YOUR success to create the “Brand of YOU!”

Now here's the trick…

Most of that is done intrinsically. Meaning… instead of telling someone you're a leader, you must PROVE that you're a leader with your branding.

Which is done through your marketing strategies especially when you put together a simple content marketing plan and remain in front of your prospects regularly.

Whats great about MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is that they provide you with….

#2: Your Own Personal High-Powered Top-of-the-Line Customized Blog Platform (MLSP Sites)

While marketing your business, you'll use a few different platforms and mediums to do that such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (More about that in a minute).

However, the one thing that you'll want is your OWN asset online that you own, and control!

There's a couple good reasons…

FIRST: Marketing platforms come and go with the virtual wind. You don't own those. They can literally be taken away from you with the push of a button from some cranky administrator. Or it can become a useless platform that no longer matters to the online world. (Remember good ole MySpace? Yeah me neither….lol)

SECOND: It Tells the Internet World That You're Open for Business! – Your blog shows the world that you've got credibility as a business owner. It lets you prove your value, build trust, and create your professional presence.

Building YOUR Blog Finally Becomes FAST & SIMPLE…

Way too many people procrastinate on building their blog because it seems difficult.

And the truth is, while it's much easier than you're probably anticipating, it can be intimidating or even plain difficult for the newbie or non-techie person.

As a matter of fact I did an online workshop a few years ago where I actually helped about 150 students to set up their very first blog online. Truth be told? I was a nightmare….lol.

The technical aspects of setting up a self hosted WordPress blog can be quite overwhelming for someone that is not technically inclined.

That's why I fully endorse MLSP SITES!

When you set up your MLSP Sites WordPress blog it walks you though the entire process which has been simplified dramatically from setting up your own blog on your own hosting.

Just take a look at the image below of the MLSP SITES training center that gives you a checklist and walks you through the simplified set up of your very own real estate online.

This is the easiest and fastest way for even the newest marketer to get started building a high-powered customized blog, on WordPress…the #1 blog platform on the internet.

SITES is a complete blogging solution, with everything you need already in place including enterprise-level hosting (which means it's lightning FAST!), premium built-in plug-ins, and the highest level of security.

They show you how to plug in your own domain name at the click of a button, and boom you're literally in business!

What Goes On Your Blog?

The internet is built on one thing and one thing alone…CONTENT!!

Content adds value to the internet and to YOUR brand.

It's your way to give YOUR prospects a way to get to know you and to show them you truly are the leader they want to follow. This can come in the form of text, video, audio, graphics.. or best yet…all of the above!

If you want to check out a recent webinar training I did called my “Content Creation Formula” you can do so by clicking here.

#3: World-Class Training (What's Working NOW!) to Start Getting Traffic, Leads, and Sales!

MLSP was built by online marketers, FOR online marketers. The founders set out from day #1 to create the place that they wished was available for them when they first started out.

What came to be was a place to create marketing systems that revolved completely around the foundation of Attraction Marketing.

The concept is actually quite simple today…

  1. Build an audience of highly targeted prospects
  2. Engage that audience
  3. Sell to (or recruit) that audience!!

But how do you attract prospects to YOU?

From minute #1, MLSP will begin training you on exactly that! Take a look at the training library below and the vast depth of MLSP's training.

Starting anything new can be confusing and overwhelming, and it holds far too many back from reaching their goals. MLSP knows this… so the first thing they do is peel back the layers with their Beginners Guide and 30 Day Action Plan.

This gives you step-by-step everything you should be doing right away to get the ball rolling!

And of course, it's vital to know the inside workings of any membership that you join. MLSP takes the time each and every single Monday Night on a ‘LIVE Orientation Webinar' to show you around the back-office so you'll know exactly where to go and find the tools and training you'll use!

Weekly LIVE ‘What's-Working-Now' Training Webinars!

Your access to top leaders… who have achieved the home business success YOU are looking to achieve… is absolutely unprecedented in MLSP!

Each and every single week LIKE CLOCKWORK, these top industry $6-Figure, $7-Figure, and even $8-Figure earning leaders come out and train YOU on the strategies that are working for them RIGHT NOW to get traffic, leads, and sales for your business!!

These trainings will benefit you in a number of different ways (more about that in second) but the thing we want to talk about now is the learning aspect.

These webinars are actually broadcast LIVE for anyone (member or not) who wants to register and attend twice a week on Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday evening.

But what's important is that once these are done, they are GONE from the public's eye forever.

ONLY MLSP Members can see the recording of these trainings in your “Training Library!” This way you can follow them step-by-step, pausing if/when you need and work right along with the training.

The marketing strategies you'll learn vary from platform to platform.

You'll learn tactics and strategies each week on:

  • Facebook
  • Video Marketing
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Instagram
  • SEO
  • Mindset
  • FREE and PAID Training!
  • Etc.

And everything will point to 1 single objective. Helping you get more leads, traffic, and sales for you and your business.

To get access to the next LIVE “What's Working Now” webinar from one of the MLSP leaders Click Here To Register

#4: Create Rock Solid Credibility (Even If You're Brand New and Don't Have ANY Yet!)

People follow and stick to leaders who they think will help them to get the results they're after.

To stand out as a leader, you've got to display credibility. You've got to ADD VALUE to the marketplace!!

But here's the rub…

What if you've just started, or have never done anything of significance to provide the leader level content your prospects are looking for? Do you just give up?

NOPE! Because the one thing that you can do is borrow value! How cool is that?

MLSP allows you to do exactly that by letting you leverage and GIVE AWAY:

  • Video trainings…
  • Tutorials…
  • PDF's…
  • and Instant Downloads!

All created by other leaders! Take a look at the existing MLSP System Campaigns below that you can share with your prospects. (Note: This isn't even all of them)


In other words, YOU don't have to create ANYTHING in the beginning. Just become the go-to person that adds value to the lives of your prospects!

These are trainings that your prospects want, are looking for, and alone can set them on the right path. All hosted by the top leaders in the online and home business industry.

Remember those weekly trainings I was telling you about above?

Well you can give away access to these trainings each and every week as well.

This does a few really cool (and a little sneaky 😉 things.

  • It creates a perception of YOU as a leader who know your stuff. Your prospects will STILL look at YOU as the person giving away this high-quality training.
  • You and your brand will become associated with the leaders on the trainings you're giving away. Which psychologically and almost instantly causes YOUR credibility to rise in association!
  • It allows you to do the MOST IMPORTANT THING when it comes to creating success with any home business…

#5: Build a A LIST of Red Hot and Highly-Targeted Leads!

This is where things get VERY exciting!!

And don't worry, just because this is way down here at #5 on the list, doesn't mean that it will take long at all for the leads to start flowing in.

While all of the above will get the lead machine crankin', MLSP also shows you ways to start getting immediate leads in their training section!

So you'll start priming the pump, and building out your long-term lead machine ALL at the same time!

(And one you turn this lead machine on, it will almost impossible to shut down.)

I know from experience! Again, I was able to take my business from 0 to $5-Figures in 90 days!! During that time I was pulling in an easy 25 – 50+ leads a day.

Today 100K+ leads later, (currently pulling in up to 300 leads a day) I'm STILL getting leads from content I created 4 or 5 years ago, every single day as I write this post.

Don't believe me? I am actually the #1 lead generator inside of the MLSP system of all time. I don't show you this to brag, but to show you that this is a review from someone that KNOWS MLSP WORKS! (See image below)

How did I do it? Well one of my favorite subjects to talk about is video marketing. it just so happens that I trained on this at MLSP's Live The Dream 7 event in Austin, Texas in 2016.

You can check out that video below and get some big lead generation nuggets..

Want To Work With Me? Join MLSP Here

IMPORTANT: Don't let those big numbers jolt you above. Because the truth is that you can build a full-time home business for yourself on just 5-10+ leads a day. Think about it. Most home biz owners get excited about 5 leads in a month!

Inside the MLSP Private Community (more about that in a minute), even new members start pulling in 5 to 10 leads a day very quickly!! How would that change YOUR business?

MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is the key to putting that lead machine in perpetual motion! Everything you need to crank up this machine is offered all inside MLSP!…

#6: Access to (Almost) ALL The TOOLS of a Successful Home Biz!…

When you're building a successful home biz, you're going to need some tools to get you there right?

You need a way to gather your leads (besides your blog which will do that as well only more organically!)

That's why MLSP has all of these tool built right into their ever-expanding membership…


This is the tool that allows you to create high converting, sleek landing pages quick and simple.

Your landing page is different from your blog. It's basically a 1-page site where you'll lead prospects, give them the types of trainings they want and need, and simultaneously grab their info in order to get it!

And BOOM! You're building a list of leads my friend!

Just so you can get an idea of what the inside of MLSP's Funnelizer looks like on the inside, take a look at these images.

Here is a view inside an actual funnel where you add pages to your funnel.

And here is an actual shot of the page builder itself. With all the templates you get inside of the MLSP Funnelizer system each of them is totally customizable with whatever text, colors, and background images you want to use.

Other comparable systems (most don't even compare at all) come with a hefty price tag! FUNNELIZER comes included with your MLSP Basic Membership!

Of course you'll want to stay in touch with these leads in order to cultivate a relationship, and get them to know you, like you, and trust you!


Staying in contact with your leads is vital.

This is a shot of MLSP's state of the art customer relationship manager.

Here is a shot of what it looks like when you are looking at a contact inside the MLSP CRM.


With your membership to MLSP you get access to a world-class CRM system that if bought separately would cost you hundreds if not thousands to own.

  • Schedule phone call appointments
  • Send e-mails
  • Rate prospects
  • Track all of your interactions and phone calls with potential customers,
  • Make More Money With Your Biz!

This is MLSP's proprietary system that most Fortune 500 companies would absolutely envy! It will super-charge your business.

The One Essential Tool NOT Included (And for GOOD Reason)

You'll Need an AUTO-RESPONDER!

An auto-responder is ESSENTIAL to building a $6-Figure Business. There's no way around it.

MLSP does make it drop-dead simple for you to integrate your auto-responder with your business.

So why is it NOT included?

It's actually a good thing!

YOUR list (like your blog) is an asset to YOUR business. Therefore you want to own the list of names in your own database.

An auto-responder system allows you to email your leads automatically!

Meaning you can just load that bad boy up, and let it shoot emails to your leads day after day.

This allows you to:

  • Stay in front of your prospects…
  • Keep adding value to their lives…
  • Develop and brand YOU as a leader…
  • And when done right…selling your prospects on your products and opportunity automatically!

There's tons of training inside MLSP by the best in the business on exactly HOW to make ALL the above happen!

#7 Earn Front End Income (Make Money from The People Who Say NO to YOUR Primary Opportunity)

In the spirit of keeping it real… it's important to know that the majority of your prospects won't want to join your opportunity.

And that's fine. It's actually good because you don't want everyone joining. You want to be very selective about who does in fact!

However, with MLSP's affiliate program (Which is totally optional by the way), you CAN still earn on those that decide NOT to join you in your opportunity!

How does that happen?

Because as we said at the beginning of this post, the prospects that you will want to attract are not people who have to be persuaded to change their life and the life of their family!

The people that you really want to target & attract are already completely sold on the idea of a home business and are likely looking to create success with their business. (Don't worry, there's more than enough out there!)

These same people are the people who need what MLSP has to offer most!

And when you expose them to all the tools and training inside MLSP, they'll look at YOU as the leader!

When They Decide to Join or Buy an MLSP Product, YOU Will Earn Hefty Commissions!

Remember those FREE trainings that MLSP lets you giveaway to prospects?

Depending on the campaign that you choose, those are attached to various MLSP products, and to MLSP memberships.

These are lead magnets that will direct them to further trainings, where once they see the immense value, they'll want more so that they can finally create success with their struggling business!

In fact, MLSP even gives you 100% PROFITS on some of the top products that they offer. You can earn anywhere from $19 to $497 dollars in one shot!

All of these commissions will allow you to fund your marketing so you can build your home business, or your own product line! Or simply pay some extra bills, or get out of debt. The choice is yours.

You'll be establishing yourself as a major leader in the industry WHILE you're earning commissions, AND building your primary business whatever that may be! It's a win/win/win if there's ever been one!

What Happens When You Hit Obstacles?

Because you WILL hit them! But that's okay because as a member, you'll have….

#8 BONUS: Access to the Private MLSP Community!

This is perhaps the greatest part of being a member of My Lead System Pro.

You've probably noticed that not everyone in your life is supportive of your desire to change your life and succeed. There are plenty of reasons for that of course.

  • They don't have your VISION. Your vision of home biz success is unique and it takes a special person and mindset to get there. What people don't understand, or fear, they'll try to crush immediately…and that includes your desire and motivation to change.
  • Your friends and family that aren't in that same mindset don't want to get left behind. So they'll try to “help you” by holding you back with them. Because when you start rising above, it forces them to consider their own place in the world…and 95% of the world aren't happy with who they are.

So it's vital that you get around the people who are on the same journey as you, and the MLSP Private Community is exactly that.

The relationships I built inside the MLSP community have changed my life, and was one of the #1 factors of my success!

Ever wonder where the leaders of the industry hangout?

Where to get access to them? Facebook

Here is a shot of the THRIVING MLSP Community Facebook group.

Whats really amazing is that you have an active group with over 17,000 active members.

Well here's just a few people who you can run into in the MLSP Private Community quite frequently…

  • Brian Fanale ($8-Figure Earner & CEO)
  • Ray Higdon ($8-Figure Earner)
  • Diane Hochman ($7-Figure Millionaire Mom & Industry Legend)
  • April-Marie Tucker (Multi- $6-Figure Earner)
  • Justice Eagan (Multi- $6-Figure Earner)
  • And TONS MORE!

How much time you have? Because that list goes on.

But it's not ONLY the BIGGEST leaders of the industry in there. There are people at all levels.

* Plenty of people who are creeping up to the highest levels of success with their businesses.

* People who are just having their breakthroughs.

* People who are just starting and seeing their lead flow starting to build.

* And people that YOU can help at the level you're at.

This community will:

  • Motivate you and keep your vision alive with success stories…
  • Help you jump over hurdles and bust through obstacles with your specific sticking points…
  • Support you and cheer you on when nobody else in YOUR life will…
  • Get you through tech struggles when you're stuck…
  • Give you EXCLUSIVE tips and tricks that they've JUST DISCOVERED that worked like gangbusters so you can try it in your biz…
  • And most importantly…there are people that YOU can start to help as you start moving forward with your biz!…

This is literally the community that you've been looking for, and it's a daily hurricane of activity, 24/7! It's for members ONLY!

Now the Question Is…

How long will you sit on the fence waiting for a miracle for YOUR business, and a blueprint for success… when it's directly in front of you?

At the moment, you can give MLSP a 10 Day Test Run for yourself, and get in there and experience ALL of the above for JUST $10 by clicking here!

You rock,

PS: Want to work directly with me? Click Here

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