Network Marketing on Facebook has become one of the keys to success in the digital age in which we live.

However, even though this thriving site is considered to be the hottest place to build an MLM business online, we must remember to make it personal.

Most internet network marketers are so focused on writing articles and driving traffic with the “Marketing” part, that they tend to forget the simple value of a hello through a Facebook video.

The impact of video over text is so great that I am just not sure why most people are so afraid of using it.Network Marketing On Facebook

Network marketing on Facebook is really no different from doing it offline, you just need to use all the tools at your disposal.

While video can be a scary thing for those that don't like the camera, its time to get rid of that fear, and just make it happen.

Who cares if your hair isn't perfect. Who cares if you have a wart on your face. Who cares if your eyebrows are bushy, just start to connect with people through video.

Network marketing on Facebook needs to be personal, and it needs to simple to do and it doesn't get any simpler than this.

I recently wrote an article on “Relational Marketing” that addresses this topic to some extent, but this article and video really help you to put it in action in a practical sense.

Facebook really should be your number one place to network and make new friends, hence the term that I like to say, Facebook Network marketing.

Network marketing on Facebook is based upon relationships.

It's really no different thank the offline world. Therefore you must break the ice and get out from behind the keyboard and connect with people.

This simple feature on facebook can have you connecting with your new friends like no other way possible. Network marketing on Facebook is not really that hard when you have tools like this to connect.

I have literally never seen this implemented in any way by most people in network marketing that are trying to use the internet to build their business. I could be wrong, but I personally have seen so little of it.

If you look right on the status update on your profile, or you go to the profile of anybody else, you will see this little link right above the status bar.

Network Marketing at its bestThis will allow you to record a video right from your desktop to Facebook. No editing, No producing, No text overlay, nothing to do except record and stop. Anybody can do this and it's simple basic network marketing at it's best.

Not only is this simple, but you can personalize the video by saying their name, mentioning something that they have brought to the table in terms of value from a blog or status updates they have made. This will immediately create a bond with you and your new facebook friend like no other.

Just remember, when doing network marketing on Facebook, use the tools available to make the experience as personal as possible. – So many times people that are using the internet to build their network marketing business lose sight of what really makes network marketing work, and its networking, and building relationships. That being the case, get out from behind the keyboard and start using video to communicate.

    12 replies to "Network Marketing On Facebook Can Still Be Belly To Belly"

    • James Hernandez

      Wow Mark Thanks!

      Super simple and something all of us should be using more.

      A face to face conversation is always best, but this is a way to get there.

      Thank you!

      – James H.

      • Mark Harbert


        I am so with you, super simple is the way we need to keep it to be successful using online strategies to build our networking business. We can’t get caught behind a keyboard and expect to build something sustainable. Thanks for stopping buy buddy.


    • Dave@isagenix

      Very good post Mark. Thoroughly enjoyed it and very true. Something I never even utilize is the video but now I am definitely going to use it. Thanks

    • Nicky

      I’ve always known it was there, I even write about it in my e-book and 7-day FB tutorial, but I still hardly ever use it!

      Great reminder Mark – this industry is about building fantastic relationships and this is a great way to do it.

    • Val Heisey

      Mark, I never knew this was here. I have been thinking about video, but not sure which camera to buy. I’m not a videographer so I don’t need one that costs thousands. But this FB feature is a great way to connect directly with FB friends. Thanks for enlightening me!

    • Jane

      Mark, nice and handy post! It’s true that positive feedback and relation is able to bring more leads and new customers to your business …. via word of mouth.

    • steven sanchez

      hello sir I just join legal shield few days ago but what I didn’t like was that I leader wanted me to talk to friends and family, but you no that sometimes people think you pulling a fast one one them or it can be annoying stalking topeople and talking to them because they fell you are selling them something. can you give me and advice? are leads in the internet will get you people with out talking to them?

    • Dallas

      Is this video feature available on the new facebook timeline…I’m going to check and see…

      Thanks Mark

      • Mark Harbert

        Yes it is Dallas, It is under the “Add Photo / Video” in the status update area. I love using this feature because nobody else does, and you will stand out!!!

        Mark Harbert

    • Dallas

      Mark…Have set it up but not connecting….any suggestions?

    • Ken Callender

      excellent. I need to try this.What a smart guy, I am sure lots of people will follow you.

    • Eric Ogi

      Great site, Thank for sharing. You are correct about it is easy to loose focused.
      Video Marketing is a great way to get mass exposure.

      Eric Ogi

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