Marketing your business online is awesome and can provide you so much leverage when generating leads, and getting massive exposure for whatever you promote.

If you choose to go down the route of promoting online, there is three basic things you want to make sure you understand if you are going to maximize your results.

These three keys make up the foundation of successfully marketing on the internet. If you can understand these fully, you can essentially market anything and get results.

Know Your Target Market

This is the foundation of the foundation. Before you can do anything else you MUST understand who is your ideal prospect or customer.

Understanding their problems, as well as their goals is the key to getting better results.

I work with many many people and when see that they are not getting results, I can almost always narrow it down to not being laser focused on who they are targeting.

The biggest misconception people have is that everybody is a target. NOT TRUE!

When determining your target market simply ask yourself these questions…

  1. Will my target market really benefit from my product/service?
  2. Will my target market see a need for my product?
  3. Do I understand what drives my target market to make decisions?
  4. Can they afford my product/service?
  5. How can I reach them with my message?
  6. Where do they hang out online and what are they interested in?

Before you do anything else marketing online, take an hour or so of focused time and think about who your ideal prospect is and then the rest falls into place.

Have An Irresistible Offer

Once you understand your target market you can focus on giving them exactly what they want and need.

This is where the irresistible offer comes into play. If you know the pain points of your target market then all you need to do is provide them a solution to their problems.

The best way to do that is provide a solution to their biggest problem and they will come running.

Imagine the entire world is stricken with a disease and you have the cure. Can you picture it? Every body will come running.

This is how you want to think of your offer. You can create your own offer which takes a little time, or you can use offers that are pre made for you and are proven to convert with a system like My Lead System Pro.

Your irresistible offer should be the pain killer to their pain. Focus on one aspect or point to solve for them with your offer, and you will get much better results.

It can be a downloadable PDF, and training video, or even cheat sheet. Whatever it is, make it high value and you will have an awesome first impression on your new prospect.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Ever heard that before? Its true.

You can't expect to make sales and sign up people into your business if you don't have effective follow up.

Follow up can be in the form of automatic autoresponders, as well as normal broadcasts to your list.

Focus on high value content with the occasional pitch, and you will find that you results will be much better.

One of the best ways to follow up with potential prospects is on social media mainly through places like Facebook.

Using social media as a way to connect and get the conversation going is one of the most important aspects to signing up new people in your business.

The kicker is, you want to make sure you use it in the proper way. Many people treat social media as a place to post links all the time and that DOES NOT WORK!

One of my great friends Jessica Higdon created a video series that helps you understand exactly how to use social media the right way without being pitchy.

I recommend you go here and watch the video series.

If you enjoy this blog post, please feel free to share around. Also, if you got value leave me a comment below as I love your feedback.

You rock,

Mark Harbert



    4 replies to "Online Marketing 101: Three Crucial Keys To Understand"

    • Curtis Lee Harbin

      Great post Mark! The target market questions really helped me

    • Bill Proios

      Thanks a lot Mark! You always overdeliver

    • Debbie Spink

      Thanks, Mark. I am trying to learn more about attracton marketing. A colleague of mine suggested I start with you. I am wanting to use our corporate video but put subtitles to them in the languages I speak. I think that was what I was hoping to learn from you.

    • Annabel Collins

      Thanks for sharing your great post, Mark. Your target market questions helped me get a better understanding of the audience I want to target,

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