Some people are wondering what is going to happen now that youtube seems to be allowing scammy people to falsely flag youtube videos and get their account shut down. People seem to be running for the hills, some are quitting all together, and some and just flat out pissed.

so what can you do if you are a victim of this?

What about any obstacle you are ever faced with in life?

In this video I share with you a quick way for you to get over and move forward.

Have you seen this 12 minute video yet? click here.

    11 replies to "Is It Even Possible To Overcome The YouTube Fiasco?"

    • Rod Davison

      Another great video thanks for the value you give us. I'm gonna keep chuggin along.

    • Mark, I always get valuable information from you. This is no exception! "Decide!" I"m choosing to keep moving forward. That's my motto: Just. Keep.Swimming. Thanks, Mark.

    • Joe Sandy

      Again, you’ve made an excellent point! We can’t let the fear of what might be keep us from forging ahead. Yes, it’s shameful what’s happening with YouTube but nobody said there were going to be guarantees. The point is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD and forget about the occasional roadblocks. Plow through them. That’s how we win.

      • Mark Harbert

        BOOM, you got it Joe, thats what is all about man. Plowing through road blocks. You rock bud.

    • Mark Harbert

      You rock Paula. You rock, and glad you got value from this.

    • Mark Harbert

      I have no doubts about you Rod, you rock man.

    • Lisa

      Hey Mark! Great post that was very timely for me. I received an email a little while ago from YouTube telling me that one of my videos was flagged as inappropriate. Of course it’s not inappropriate at all – but they age restricted the content.
      Oh my. What in the world is going on?
      Thanks for your uplifting video!
      EXPECT Success.

    • Amelia Johnson

      Detours can lead us to new and even better visions…time to move forward to the next step! Thanks for sharing…

    • LeAnne Rumbel

      I think this is just another opportunity to find other places to host our videos. I think we should all do a "Now that's not nice Mr. Hater, is it? How would you like it if I flagged YOUR video?" video…so it would freak the person out, who was flagging our videos for no good reason, as they would think we're talking to them 🙂

    • Andre Catnott

      So True.

      Just move forward.

    • I totally agree that you need to have a plan a , b and c I believe that the ones that deserve success are the ones that keep on going when the going got tough and never gave up.

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