Remember the Pet Rock? 

Yeah, that thing! It seems like a silly idea that would never sell in a million years right? 

But what if I told you that the dude who created that became a millionaire. He sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks at $4 bucks each. 

I just wanted to show you that you can sell anything if you have the right circumstances. But first, to be fair, that was in 1975 and it wasn’t online (mostly because there was no online back then.) 

So here’s another example of something online…

Leaving all political biases aside simply to make a point, did you ever hear of the book “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” by Michael J. Knowles? 

That book became a bestseller on Amazon. Look at all the reviews. 

Here’s the thing. If you open that book, it’s 200+ blank pages. LOL 

So Yes…You Can Sell Anything Online! 

Now, I used those examples purely to grab your attention (and have a little fun.)

But you CAN sell anything, even if it’s not a gag novelty gift. 

And the rest of this article will get extremely boring and serious and show you how to do it. Nah, we’re still gonna have a little fun. Because…well…selling stuff online is fun. 

6 Must-Have Elements to Sell Anything Online!  

#1 – A Pain Point (a.k.a PROBLEM!) 

So everyone in the world has a problem that needs to be fixed…

    • Money problems
    • Health problems
    • Relationship problems
    • Jealousy and envy problems
    • Dating problems
    • And we could go on forever! 

There’s a problem to be solved for every human being. So if you’re starting with a product, then you need to find the person for whom that product solves the problem. 

And of course, it goes the other way too. If you’ve got no product yet, then you need to find a product for a group of people with a pain point that needs solving. (or better yet, create one 😉 

So it’s up to you to do the work to match those two things up and create…

#2 – An Audience of Targeted Prospects 

Makes sense right?  If you don’t have an audience, you don’t have anybody to sell to. Even if you’ve got the best product in the world. You need at least ONE person who wants it if it’s valuable enough (e.g. a piece of real estate). 

OR if it’s a product with less value, and you want to actually earn enough money to sustain a lifestyle, then you need a large audience so many people can buy it. 

The most important part of the audience puzzle is it must be TARGETED. Meaning, it must be an audience of people (or even an audience of one) who have the pain point that your products solve!

There are tons of ways to build an audience online, but one of the fastest these days is through social media. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…or all of the above. 

Those are the platforms. 

But now the problem is how do you get them to become YOUR audience? You MUST build…

#3 – Know, Like, & Trust

This is a common term thrown around. If you did a search of this blog you’d see those 3 words in nearly every post. Why? Because it’s ESSENTIAL if you want people to buy a product from you. 

So how do you build know, like, and trust? 

The same way you grow your audience. By providing value to that audience. And the way you do that online is with CONTENT! 

Content that makes your prospective audience see that YOU are someone who’s credible. Someone who understands them. Who sees their need for a solution. 

Valuable content means that what you’re saying, writing, presenting is helpful to get your prospects a little closer to fixing their problem. 

Even if like above… that problem is needing a gift for someone that will make them laugh or feel better! (See, you thought that I was out of my mind and people who want pet rocks or a ridiculous political book don’t have a problem!) 

Your content doesn’t just end once you’ve pulled people into your audience. Nope! It’s only just begun then. 

Building your audience means that you’re getting people to know and like you…but continuing to deliver valuable content once they’re part of your audience means that they now begin to TRUST that you truly do have…

#4 – A Solution

What good are you as a leader of an audience (that’s you) if you don’t have a solution? 

People follow people (become audience members) because they’re looking for a leader with a solution. 

For instance, people follow me largely because I can help them build their business, make more money, and become financially free. They have a money problem and I can help them solve it. 

Others follow me because they need a new marketing solution to get their products out to the world. BUT…it all leads to the money problem basically. And once you have a solution, and can prove that you know what you’re talking about and can help them solve their problems (TRUST)…then you need to present…

5 – An Offer! 

So…you’ve identified a problem that needs to be solved, you’ve built an audience of targeted people with that problem, you’ve established know-like-trust with that audience (they know you’re the real deal)…and you’ve shown them that YOU have a solution. 

Now, how can they get that solution from you? 

Well if YOU are smart you’re going to charge them to get it. Which means you’re going to present an offer for them. An exchange of THEIR money for YOUR solution. 

And if what you’re offering is valuable enough, the people with the problem will buy it. 

Of course, this offer can be: 

    • Your own product
    • Your network marketing product or opportunity
    • An affiliate product
    • A service 
    • And even a physical product

But don’t make the biggest mistake that people who are marketing a product online make! And that’s NOT having a….

#6 – A Call to Action! 

A call to action is exactly that. You ask someone to take action. “BUY NOW!” 

If you don’t give them a call to action, chances are they’ll never take any action. Period. In other words, they won’t buy your solution, if you don’t ask them to buy your solution. 

Now pay attention… 

If you have a product, an audience, and you’re delivering value to your audience to build know, like, and trust… and you’re STILL struggling to sell something online and make money…

It’s probably because you’re simply not giving your audience a call to action. (or you’ve got a very weak one!) 

Sounds silly but most people are afraid to sell! And when they do they’re selling from the heels. This means that they’re doing it so timidly that their audience doesn’t even know how they can buy!  

BONUS #7 – A Premium (a.k.a. BONUS!)

See what I did there? 

This is what you use if you have everything above, and you want to make MORE sales. 

When you offer a bonus (or bonuses) then you’re more likely to push people over the fence to take you up on your call to action. 

Your bonus should be valuable. In fact often times my bonuses are more valuable than the offer itself! 

Why? Because that’s what pushes people off the fence, AND it helps me create even MORE know, like, and trust when I offer my next solution for their money-making problems! (Or whatever pain point YOU are solving!) 

You Now Know How to Sell Anything Online! 

You just have to figure out where you are in the above steps, and start there! And when you do, you can change your entire life. 

Ask any questions below and I’d love to answer those for you! 

You rock,

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      Awesome sauce Mark thanks

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      The old saying, Find a problem and fill it., is so true. The beginning of all that is created.

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      Hello Mark,
      I was enrolled in your training course a while back, but has spent several months in and out of hospitals operations, etc. I need to get back into the course but I can’t seem to find it now. Your help is appreciated

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      Thank you Mark.
      The is on example of giving value. I will start with these 7 steps. I appreciate your help.

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      Thank you mark ,
      The tips you’ve given are golden nuggets I am working on these very steps to grow my audience and sales. I have found consistency is a key component which I was not .

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