If you're trying to grow your business, then you probably spend a lot of time thinking about LEADS!

In fact, you might even be obsessed. And that's not a bad thing actually.

IF you've found out how to get red-hot & ready-to-join leads then you are good to go.

If you haven't yet, then you'll want to keep reading this article where I'll show you EXACTLY how! 😉

Because you may have figured out, all leads are NOT created equal. And after generating over 150K+ leads, I've become a huge advocate of Video Marketing for leads as the #1 strategy!

Because of 3 Powerful Reasons!

Let's face it. If you're going to do the work to get leads — you want to generate the highest quality leads you can get don't you?

That means you want leads that come in automatically, and steadily and are ready to join you!

3 Reasons Video Marketing Produces the Highest Quality Leads for Home Biz Owners!

#1 Video Marketing Creates Know, Like, and Trust!

Have you ever met a television or movie star… and oddly felt like you know them? Then when you talk to them you realize they didn't quite feel the same about you? 🙂

The reason is simple…

You've seen them on a screen, and therefore YOU have a personal connection with THEM (Even though they don't know you from Adam!)

This is the exact reason companies clamor for endorsements from popular television and movie stars.

Actually, these days they do exactly the same for popular YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagram influencers. Because people TRUST these stars on the topics they share about.

Starting to see the big picture here?

The coolest part is that it works the same for you, even if you're running a business from your kitchen table. You don't even have to be popular, as long your TARGET MARKET is watching your videos.

When they see you on the screen, talking directly to them, giving them value to help them with their businesses… they begin to feel like they KNOW you. They start to LIKE you. And then they TRUST that YOU are the person who can help them achieve their goal.

It's a beautiful thing, and turns you into an INSTANT AUTHORITY in their minds!

#2 People LOVE Video (And It Only Keeps Getting Better and Better!)

Have you ever been swimming in the ocean trying to catch waves? (Or surfing if you're really cool? 😉

When you do, where do you need to be to catch the wave? You would be correct if you said IN FRONT of the wave.

Video marketing has been and continues to be a perpetual internet wave.

In other words, people absolutely LOVE watching videos. Have you been on TikTok lately? See what I mean?

They're easy to consume, they're entertaining (even if you're just babbling about something they like or want to know more about), and with smartphones, you can watch them from anywhere.

A quick analysis of your own internet habits probably proves that right? Or how about the fact that 5 Billion Videos are watched every single day on YouTube alone? And the average time someone will sit and watch videos are 40 minutes in one session.

And these numbers are on a massive uptick year after year! A perpetual WAVE!

A wave for YOU to jump in front of starting TODAY and have the ride of your life!

#3 Video Marketing Creates Automated 24/7 Leads

Guess what the #2 search engine on ALL of the internet is. You guessed it. YouTube!

Only 2nd to the Big Daddy Google and Google owns YouTube. So there you go!

How often do you hop on over to YouTube and type in “How to _______”? Probably quite often (unless you just already know everything!)

Here's what's even cooler…

How many times have you gone to Google and typed in “How to _______” and ended up watching a YouTube video? 😉

Because of course since they own YouTube, and because they know that people love videos (see #2 above), Google gives YouTube videos TONS of love.

This means that if YOU do some simple optimization correctly, your videos can possibly end up in the top spots of both YouTube's and Google's search engines.

And people search night and day, 7 days a week!

And if your videos are relevant and people are watching them, they'll STAY ranked for years and years. ENDLESS LEADS coming in no matter if you show up for work or night.

This creates automatic sign-ups, and therefore becomes the epitome of RESIDUAL INCOME!

Additional Resources For Video Marketing

✅ TubeBuddy – Learn More Here

I LOVE this tool for finding great keywords and tags for my YouTube videos and so much more. If you really want to have the edge when doing YouTube I highly recommend using this browser extension.

✅ Ecamm Live Broadcasting Software - Learn More Here

If you want to enrich your LIVE videos experience, this tool is AMAZING. Perfect for high production-looking lives and super simple to use and allows you to broadcast to multiple locations at the same time.

✅ Facebook Friend Filter - Learn More Here

Have a whole bunch of inactive friends on your Facebook profile? This browser extension can you help quickly identify those friends that no longer engage on any of your posts and help you to unfriend them quickly. This tool is awesome for increasing engagement in a big way.

Did you get value from this post? Do you know some of the other benefits of Video? Leave me a comment below and let me know. Also, make sure you download my Video creation ideas PDF below.

You rock,

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