Want to build your business online?

Everybody does these days and that is a good thing. However, if you want to win in the online game, you must understand the main components to building online.

I have broken these components down into three main areas that you should focus on when using the internet to build your business.

They are simple, yet profound and you will see almost every single leader online practicing them.

All Leaders Online Build Their Email List

This is by far the most important thing all leaders focus on. Building your list can be as easy or as hard as you make it. All leaders teach strategies differently in one way or another, but the ultimate goal is always the same…

Build a list that you can communicate with on a regular basis.

Whether you choose to do it by connecting one on one, or through driving traffic to a capture page that goes into your database.

There are many ways you can drive traffic and the methods are always changing. But the good news is, if you learn some of the basics of marketing, you can move from one method to the next without issue.

So without question, you must be focused on building a list.

Content Creation (Primarily Video-Based)

All leaders without question create content on a regular basis. For instance, this blog post is considered content. It could be a video, an article, whatever you decide.

You want to create valuable content on a regular basis so your market can get to know you.

One of my favorite ways to create content is video.

Video is super powerful and you will be hard pressed to find a leader online that is not creating video content regularly.

Why video?

Because there is no other medium online that creates rapport or builds relationships online like video can. Its proven, it works, and its super fast to do.

Not only that, but you don't have to be fancy. Just creating a video, putting it online following a very simple formula will get you results.

When creating videos, simply follow this three-step formula.

  1. Intro with a question
  2. Content (The meat of the video)
  3. Call to action

I have followed this simple formula for the last nearly 10 years and it has resulted in a multiple 6 figure business online.

So can you do videos? YES! and its super simple to do.

Effective Communication (Two Parts)

This is for sure the third component to building online, but I believe it has two parts.

First, if you want to learn how to move people into action, you want to learn how to communicate through the effective use of copywriting.

What is copywriting?

It is the ability to communicate in a way that gets people to take action.

For instance…

If I say “click here” would you do it?

But what if I say “Click Here To Download Your Free PDF Cheat Sheet For My Step by Step Blueprint To Creating Online Videos” you would probably be way more inclined to click on this one wouldn't you?

Copywriting is the art of salesmanship in written form. The best and most complete way to learn this is by my buddy Brian Fanale.

He put together a masterpiece called “Copy Writing Mastery”. You can check that out here.

Now with the second part, I believe a big part of effective communication is actually getting on the phone and talking with your prospects.

There are so many people that come online and don't want to talk to people on the phone.

Well, I would ask you, why are you in this industry?

Leaders build relationships. Even all the big affiliate marketers online that specialize in traffic and funnel creation and the fancy things that most people love to learn are building relationships with other marketers.


Because they understand the power of relationships and what it means for their business.

I have seen big marketers leverage their relationships to do JV partnerships that make millions.

Learning how to communicate and build relationships is not always about getting on the phone and selling people.

I don't sell people! I inform and educate.

That's it!

I inform and educate and let my prospects sell themselves. Learn effective communication, and you can go far.

The best places to start are reading the following two books.

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Winning With People by John C. Maxwell.

These two books are the foundation of how I have built my business and learned to communicate with people.


These three main components I believe are the core of online marketing. If you can focus on these three areas and work on becoming skillful in each one of them, you can build an empire.

Build your list, create compelling content, and communicate with your audience are the three areas that will help you get success faster online.

I do believe that is vital to be a part of a community that focuses on these components is important.

There is one online community that I have seen online that embodies all these areas, and that is the My Lead System Pro community.

I have been a part of this community since early 2009 and it is largely responsible for giving me the training and tools I have needed to succeed.

Many of the leaders you see online have come through the doors of MLSP in one form or fashion. Its what got them their start.

This is where I train my team, this is where I will train you when you.

The time to make a change is now, the time to implement these core components is today.

Are you ready? I am ready to help you!

To your success,


Mark Harbert

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