Video marketing is a super powerful way to market online. It is a virtual bridge that makes a connection to your prospects like no other medium online.

Videos can be created for lead generation purposes, sales purposes, and even training purposes.

In the case of using videos for lead generation, there are a few tweaks you can make that will increase the amount of interest a person shows in your content and the actions they take after watching it.

Here are three simple tweaks you can make that will increase your conversions and help you create better videos for getting more leads.

Tweak #1: Create An Engaging Intro

The intro of a video is super important. It's your opportunity to hook the viewer. The truth is they will decide in the first 5-8 seconds whether or not they want to invest a few minutes of their life watching your video.

I don't know about you, but every time I go to watch a video the very first thing I do is look at how long it is. Do you do that? I bet you do…

Remember this, people are impatient, it's in our nature. When you are talking about being on the internet, attention spans are extremely short.

Therefore it's imperative that within the first 5- 8 seconds of your video you tell the viewer what you are going to share in the video itself.

Basically, you need to answer the silent question they are thinking…


If you don't do this, you will lose people.

Think about it, when you go to YouTube and an in-stream ad pops up in your video, how many times do you click “Skip Ad”?

If it's not clear to me in 5-15 seconds I am out of there. Trust me others think the same way too.

So every time you create a video make sure you tell them right away what to expect in the video.

Tweak #2: Create High-Value Content

Whatever your video is about make sure you give some good nuggets that people can get value from.

Essentially in the content part of the video which is considered the “meat” of the video, you want to clearly deliver on what you promised in the intro.

I always like to take the idea that even if people don't take action after they see my video that I want them to leave feeling good that they learned something.

This helps with the long term view of who you are and your brand. They may see you again at another time, and because they see a pattern of consistent value from you, they may eventually take action.

One tip you will see with me and my videos and blog posts are I always tend to focus on numbers.

For instance……

“Three marketing tips you can build your business with” of “Three traps to avoid when marketing with video”.

I do this because it clear for them what to expect.

This very blog post here has numbers in the title. You will find this works really well in videos.

Tweak #3: The Call To Action

This is super important because, without it, you will get very murky results.

To give you an example, several years ago, my good buddy Ray Higdon reached out to me and wanted to know if I could take a look at one of his YouTube videos to see what could be improved upon.

Of course, the videos were awesome high-value stuff as only Ray can provide. He was getting massive activity on his videos but very few leads.

So after reviewing his video I found that he was not giving a clear call to action at the end of his videos. I simply told him to make sure he does that with every video and BOOOM!

He went from about 100 leads per month to almost 800 leads by adding that simple call to action at the end of his videos.

The call to action is simply pointing them to your website, or capture page, or where ever you want to send them.


There is always one thing for sure and that is to always keep improving on what you are doing. There is never going to be a point where you stop getting training.

To this day I still keep investing in my education every single month and that includes any new course I find when it comes to making great videos online.

Getting better is what it's all about when doing online marketing. Video is something that will always evolve but the basics will always remain the same.

Did you get value from this post? Tell me in the comments below.

You Rock,

Mark Harbert

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