There is a strategy that I have been secretly using for the last 8 months or so to get leads using video ads. Thats right, video ads.

What makes this such a cool strategy is that it combines the power of video with the reach of social media.

Social media is not only a cool place to connect and network, its also an awesome place to build an audience and generate leads.

I just recently did a webinar all about this topic and I wanted to give you the goods.

If you want to start getting leads using video ads, this is the quickest way to get an ad up and online FAST!

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    12 replies to "My Playbook For Getting Leads Using Video Ads"

    • Steven C. Krivda

      I'm so happy to know you Mark

    • Thanks Mark! I wasn't able to see this live so appreciate being able to see the replay here. Awesome job of running through the advantages of FB and video as well as setting up an ad. You are so clear and organized that anyone can start doing what you talked about immediately.

    • Dean Crippen

      Good Webinar Mark!

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks buddy.

    • Mark Harbert

      Same here bud. you rock

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks Terrence, appreciate the kind comments buddy. you rock.

    • Gregory Smith

      Ok good
      Traing on FB book ads

    • Mark Harbert


    • Andre Catnott

      Man I gotta get my hands on this.

      For real.

    • Mark you knocked the cover off the ball on this one…. HOMERUN! It has been great to see you come up over the years and become the great marketer you are today! You are genuine and your style is consistent… you are one of the top 10 out there for sure ( at least in my book ) 🙂

    • Merle Gibbins

      Excellent advice Mark great strategy to use !

    • Anthony Burgos

      This video doesn't play

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