Though it's one of the most effective lead strategies ever to GET RED-HOT LEADS, there are many people who have hang-ups about video marketing.

Even though the internet has proven over and over again that people love watching videos online (and it just keeps getting MORE POWERFUL), many people won't do it for a few…well…silly reasons.

However after I was able to generate 150K+ leads in my own biz with videos, and after recruiting over 1200+ people into various opportunities, and selling millions of dollars in products over the years…

I'm pretty darn partial to video marketing. 😉

Even more so when I see how many of my students and coaching clients absolutely skyrocket their businesses very quickly after they add video as a lead generating strategy.

We don't want YOU missing out on all of that good stuff!

So let's get you out of the silly funk that too many people fall into.

Which of These 3 Common Excuses Are Holding YOU Back from Starting Video Marketing?

#1 Don't Have the Right Equipment? (You Sure?)

Luckily we can take care of this one right away.

You probably don't have to look far. Maybe it's sitting right next to you. Maybe it's in your pocket.

Heck maybe it's in your hand and how you're reading this!

Yes, I'm talking about your smartphone.

Do you have windows in your home? Do you have lamps? Or if you want to get fancy, do you have $80 bucks to spare?

If any of the above is true, then you've got everything you need for good lighting.

In other words, you probably already have everything you need to start video marketing right now…TODAY!

Your smartphone has a camera that's as good as a $1000 DSLR camera. And your window has natural light coming in. Throw some lamps around, and you've got yourself a quick make-shift studio to start creating videos where you give value to the people who want it.

And therefore, you can start pulling in leads very quickly!

Excuse #2: Worried Your Videos Need to Be Perfect to Be Effective?

If you were to watch my videos that generated thousands of leads each, you'd realize something very quickly. I'm no George Lucas. I'm no Steven Spielberg. Heck, I'm not even as good as some of the kids making videos on YouTube.

Yet it doesn't matter.

I record videos using the same equipment I just told you about (my iPhone or my computer camera), and I hit record. Then I use my 4 Part Video Formula so that I know exactly what my targeted market wants to know…

And then I talk to them about exactly that in the video (Value). I end the video getting them to a website of mine where I either get their email address, sell them something, recruit them into my opportunity, or maybe just continue piling on the value!

Nothing perfect, no crazy production. Just my handsome face in the camera giving up the value. 😉

Pretty simple right?

Excuse #3: Do You Have a Fear to Get On Camera?

This is the most common reason people don't start video marketing. But it's only because you're likely looking at creating videos from the wrong perspective.

How do I know?

Because I had the very same problem. I was scared to death when I first started video marketing. Sick to my stomach scared to get on video. Worried about what people would think. Terrified that my family, friends, and even co-workers might see my videos.

The truth is that when you think like this, who are you actually thinking about? YOU!

Who should you be thinking about when you create videos? You should be thinking about your prospects because that's who will actually search out and find your videos.

Not your friends, or family, or co-workers!

And when prospects do find your videos, and you help them… you'll grow a massive amount of credibility in your niche. Those people will quickly start looking at YOU as the authority that they'll want to follow so that THEY can achieve the home business success that they're after.

None of the Above Excuses Should Hold You Back from Video Marketing Any Longer.

So get to work…

You rock,

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