This may come as a shock to you, but I love using video marketing as a strategy to grow my business.

I know what you’re thinking: “What? Wow, Mark, I would have never thought that!

Yup, it’s kinda my jam. But the question is…why am I divulging this masterfully kept secret to you right now?

The answer: Because I think you’d get a kick out of all the amazing things that video marketing can do for YOUR business as well.

That’s if more leads, sales, sign-ups, and a brand that makes people think of YOU first in your market sounds like something you could get used to.

So now we’re going to actually get serious, dig deep, and show you how to start using video marketing today to take your business to the next level, and the next, and the next.

Why You Need a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business! 

But why put you to sleep with things like how 80% of the internet is going to be video within the next couple of years?

And you’re probably blue in the face from hearing how YouTube is the #2 search engine on the internet only second to Google (who owns YouTube!)

Or how when you add a video to an email, your click-thru rate can grow as much as 300%!

Oh and  I wouldn’t dare attempt to gloss your eyes over with a fact like adding a video to a capture page can increase your optin rate by 90%!

And the last thing I won’t tell you… because it would just be very impolite and braggadocios… is how video marketing took me from dead broke with a bone-dry $7 Paypal account balance, to a multiple six-figure per year business in just a few short years.

No way do you want to hear all that right?!? LOL

Ok enough snarkiness…So let’s get down to it.

The #1 Reason You Should Be Using Video Marketing

Simple! People LOVE video.

Proof? (No more boring stats I promise!) Have you had a conversation with ANYBODY in let’s say the past year or two?

If not, you should probably get out more. But if so, you’ve likely heard someone start a sentence with these words: “Hey did you see that video…”

You’ve probably heard it from 8-year-olds to 80-year-old grandmothers. People love video, people consume the heck out of video online, less people like reading (which is why I add videos to these blog posts)…

And if you’re not using it…you’re left with only 20% of people who aren’t into video. (But they’ll come around!)

Basically, video is the ultimate attraction marketing platform.

    • People love video
    • It connects you with your viewer, making them feel like they know you (because they’re looking deeply into your eyes)
    • People tend to like people they know better than those they don’t know.
    • People tend to trust people they like more than those they don’t like.
    • People tend to buy from or join people they trust, more than those they don’t trust.

You’ve got the obligatory WHY!! And some pretty darned good ones! 😉

Now let’s get crackin’ and get this strategy off the ground like an Elon Musk Rocket!

How to Kick Off Your Video Marketing Strategy TODAY!

The simple answer is to make a darn video. But I suspect that there are some things on your mind right now keeping you from doing that, so let’s settle those really quick and move forward.

Fear of Video? Watch this…

Yes. I admit it. This one’s a biggy. It was for me too. But let’s be real. We know the boring stats. 80% of people are watching videos, and the rest are gonna get on the train before you know it.

So regardless of how much we wish we could create a hugely successful home business without video… well you know what I’m gonna say. :/

I’ve found that fear of video is usually caused by one thing. Focusing on ourselves, and not the people who we’re creating the videos for. The people out there that NEED you.

Yes, you don’t realize it, but there are tons of people out there right now, desperate for someone like you to just make a friggin’ video and tell them what to do.

And here’s a little secret about those people that nobody else will tell you…

They don’t give a care in the world what you look like, what you sound like, or how dirty your house is in the background. They don’t care if you’re fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, or anything in between. They just want HELP for whatever problem they’re having.

When you go to the doctor, do you care what the doctor looks like? NOPE! You just want to know that he has the prescription for whatever’s ailing you!

People want answers to their problems, and YOU are just the usher of that information. Plain and Simple.

Take yourself out of the equation, and think of the people who you’ll help, give them the info they want/need to hear, and they’ll return the favor in droves with their credit card!

Video Marketing Equipment and Techy Stuff…

If you’re reading this blog post on your smartphone, then you already have all the equipment you’ll ever need to create videos.

Smartphones these days have better cameras than most high-end cameras on the market. And you can post directly onto YouTube or Facebook with your phone.

If you’re reading this on your laptop… then look up above your screen. That’s a camera. Excuse gone! On a desktop? Read the above paragraph 😉

Worried About Lighting?… Look around your house. If you have lamps or windows, you’ve got all the lighting you need to get started today.

Worried About the Background?… C’mon. Just make the video already!  

Who Are Your Videos Going to Be For? (Who’s Your Target Market)

This will be your first step.

Effective marketing is ALWAYS (yes ALWAYS) about the right message to the right person.

If you don’t know who your target market is, then you cannot give them the right offer, or offer them the right products or opportunity.

Couple of things you MUST know…

    • What are you offering? (What is your product, opportunity, or service?)
    • What problems does your offer solve?
    • Who would benefit from what you have to offer? (struggling home biz owners? Overweight people?)
    • Why? (What problem will your offer solve?)
    • Where are these people hanging out most online (Hint: YouTube is the #2 search engine, and there are 2 Billion people on Facebook 😉 )

Once you have the answers to those questions above, then you know who you’re making your videos for. This makes everything else infinitely easier!

Because NOW you can add massive value to your marketplace with your video content. And that’s the name of the game.

VALUABLE content is what the internet craves. It’s what will make you the go-to person in your niche, and therefore what will help you create a six-figure business.  

Make a List of Your Target Market’s Biggest Problems and Create Videos Around Those Topics

Now that you know what they want, you can get to work choosing topics.

Each video will be based on one problem, and one solution for that problem.

For instance, if you’re in network marketing, and you’re trying to find prospects to recruit into your business, and you’ve made a list of struggles, then you’ve probably got a list that looks something like this…

    • Nobody to talk to about their opportunity
    • Want to build their business online but don’t know where to start
    • Don’t know how to create a blog for their business
    • They need leads but can’t create a capture page
    • They’re spamming people on social media and nobody will join them
    • They’re wasting money on ads that don’t work (because they don’t know what they’re doing!)
    • They don’t know how to make marketing videos for their business 😉

Each one of those topics can be things that you can talk about in your videos. In fact, each one of those could be broken down into smaller chunks, and each one of those could be video topics.

Don’t know how to break the problems down? Simple. Go through this blog post, and take a look at the headings. I could (and probably have) make a video on each heading in this blog post, and have content for weeks!

That’s how you create a video marketing strategy where you never run out of ideas. 😉

What to Say In Your Videos: 4 Never-Fail Steps for Creating Effective Videos!

This is where people usually get tripped up when it comes to videos. The solution is in 4 simple steps that you can take with your forever!

Step 1: Introduce Yourself — “Hi, my name is [your name] from [your website or blog domain]”

So if this was me, “Hey, my name is Mark Harbert from Mark”  (I say “Hey” instead of “Hi” because I’m cool. You can steal that too if you want!)

Step 2: Ask a Question — Ask a question that agitates one of those problems that you listed above.


“Have you noticed that family and friends seem to not just shy away from you, but run like heck when you come around because they’re afraid you’ll bug them about your business opportunity”  

Step 3: Give Them the Answer — Remember when we talked about giving value? This is it. This is where you answer the question that you just agitated them with.

In essence, you’re scratching an itch. That’s giving value, and building credibility to brand your business!

Give them the broad strokes of your solution.

Example: “If you’re struggling to find friends and family to talk to about your opportunity, and you hate cold calling like I do… then I want to tell you that there’s a ton of people online that are looking for exactly the opportunity that you have.

You could build a business and never have to talk to your warm market again. If fact I do this by using nothing but Facebook Messenger. You talk to only the people who have already raised their hands asking to know more about your opportunity!”

Step 4: Give Them the Next Step — The next step of course is to tell them where they can get a free training of some sort.  

Training that will show them MORE about how to do what you’ve just described. Which just happens to be when your viewer becomes YOUR LEAD!

Example: “Of course, there’s a lot more to it than I can put here in this short video. However,  I did just recently create a FREE PDF that I’m giving away for a limited period of time that shows you exactly how I pulled in 3 brand new signups to my MLM opportunity in just 1 week with Facebook Messenger.

The best part is that you can do it too, even if you’ve never signed up a single person before in your life. Just click the link in the description and you’ll be taken to the website where you can get instant access to that report!”  

I know what you’re thinking right now…

What If I Don’t Have the Answers to the Problems That My Target Market Suffers From?

Gotcha! That can put a damper on this whole strategy. Luckily there are simple solutions for that!

First… Have you invested in any sort of online training in your life that has to do with your market? Then you have content.

The things you learn are worth gold to your target market. It’s stuff that you now know, and they don’t know. So you simply relay that information to them in your own words and they see YOU as the expert.

Think about this for a second…

Almost every wise marketer has an affiliate program where you can promote their products.

Now if you invested in training, got something from it, and are showing the broad strokes of that training, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t go ahead and promote that product as well.

Then it’s a win/win/win/win/win!

    • The product creator gets paid from your investment
    • You learn a new skill
    • Your viewer learns from you and becomes a lead
    • You get paid a commission
    • The product creator gets paid again!  

How to Promote Your  Videos So People Watch…

The truth is that video these days can be used EVERYWHERE!

And the beauty of it all is that you can repurpose any video and promote in a number of a different place.

Just look on this page. I have a video on this blog post. I can also put that video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Did you know that YouTube was the 2nd biggest search online? Just kidding, but with that in mind, why the heck would you ignore YouTube?

It’s massive. 5 billion videos are watched every single day. (That’s not a boring stat, I don't care what you say! )

Uploading your video to YouTube puts you in that pool. When you optimize your videos for search with keywords in your title, description, and in your tags… you can rank on YouTube’s first page and get tons of views!


Search almost any keyword you can think of in Google, and there’s likely a video ranking for that keyword. And again, Google owns YouTube, so they’re more than happy to rank YouTube videos in their results.

If you want a great free tool for researching keywords I recommend you use “Keywords Everywhere”. It's a browser-based plugin that shows you the monthly searches on Google for specific keyword terms.

This is great because you can create content around exactly what people are searching for online.

To get access to this browser plugin click here.


Needless to say, Facebook and YouTube aren’t really pals. They’re each other’s competition. Therefore, when you create a video, you’ll want to upload it directly to Facebook, instead of just adding the YouTube link to your post.

This makes Facebook smile, and therefore they’ll show that video more love by putting your video in the newsfeed much more than if you had stuck a competitor’s video in your post. Makes sense!  

You can then run Facebook Ads to point to your video very inexpensively for even more eyeballs, and more leads!

You Now Know More Than 97% of the Internet About Using Video Marketing to Get Leads, Sales, and Sign-Ups!

It’s up to you what you’ll do with it, but the best plan would be to start using it TODAY so that in 90 days from now, you have a slew of videos out there working for you 24/7 online!

Did you get value from this post? If so feel free to share it and please leave me a comment below.

You rock,

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    • Alan

      Hey Mark
      I love YouTube but never been game to post.
      I did a live stream on Facebook for 5 seconds.
      I now see that video marketing is effective and affordable and I hope profitable. Thanks for you content, Mark.
      I replied with my history in the quest for online business but lost it. This the short version.
      ONLINE business around
      1. Personal Development 2. Personal Investment (Education, Budgeting and Wealth creation) 3. Personal Work (Income Generation because the work world is changing) Service Business are hot!!!
      I would appreciate you thought and feedback too.
      Alan Keane

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      Thank you so much Mark. Always a great information with tons of nuggets?

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