If you've been around the home biz and online marketing arena for any amount of time, then you've likely come across a webinar or two.

In fact, maybe you've even been on a webinar. Maybe you bought a product during a webinar in the past.

Webinars are an amazing online marketing tool for a variety of reasons.

I'll give you those in just a minute, but first, it's important to understand just how powerful webinars can be for your business. In my business, I've done them for years, and I've had life and business-changing results.

For instance, using webinars I've…

    • Sold tens of thousands of dollars in products in a single day…
    • Won affiliate contests competing with some of the biggest names in the industry…
    • Signed up dozens of people into various opportunities within an hour…
    • And MUCH MORE!

In fact, one last-minute webinar I put together did a whopping $44,037 in sales.

And it's not just me. Many of my coaching clients and students have been able to get great results using webinars.

Why have webinars worked so darn well for me, my students, and many of my peers? I'm going to show you exactly why right now!

5 Reasons to Start Using Webinars in Your Marketing!

Reason #1: Webinars Pull-in Very High-Quality Red Hot Leads for Your Business!

Let's face it. If someone decides to register for your webinar, there's a very good chance they're extremely interested in whatever topic your webinar is on.

It's also a pretty good indication that they're interested in checking you out.

The act of registering for your webinar is a virtual raising of the hand, indicating that they want truly want what you're about to show them. This means that they're high-quality leads and there's a good chance that at some point they may very well purchase a product or join you at some point or another.

Reason #2: Webinars Establish YOU as the Authority…

Once your prospect is on your webinar, they'll automatically begin to look at YOU as the authority in whatever niche you're in, and on whatever topic your webinar is based around.

It's very much like the student/teacher relationship, or the patient/doctor relationship. You're the one on the webinar teaching a subject, and therefore they look at YOU as the leader. You become the trusted source that they will turn to.

There is a caveat to this though.

You MUST deliver value and actually teach them something useful that they can go off and use. Imagine how they'll see you if they get results from the things that you teach them for free. Think they'll be more likely to come to you and purchase a product?

Reason #3: Webinars Help People Experience a Personal Connection With YOU

Much like video, webinars are a great way to build immediate rapport with your prospects.

Getting a person to know, like, and trust you is crucial if you ever want them to purchase from you, or join your business. Webinars are very powerful for doing exactly that!

During your webinar, your prospect may be looking at your face. They'll certainly be hearing your voice. And like we said above, they're getting highly valuable information from you that's going to get them closer to their goals. It's an intimate hour with YOU… helping THEM change their lives.

And all of this can happen all within ONE single webinar!

Reason #4: Webinars Have Been Consistently Converting Better Than Sales Letters!

While there's still a very strong case to use a sales letter in your business if you're selling a product, webinars can often out-pull a sales letter.

The reasons have a lot to do with everything we've talked about above. It's very much like giving a live sales presentation or selling from the stage. It puts you in an authoritative position. It builds rapport. It provides value. And people are therefore more inclined to buy from you.

Plus…with webinars, you can take questions from viewers. This means you can answer their objections in real-time. The opposite is true with a sales letter where you are forced to essentially guess these objections ahead of time.

(Side note: Webinars are also a great way to pre-sale your sales letter. Once you build that know, like, and trust…your sales letter simply slides them across the finish line much easier!)

Reason #5: Webinars Make You Stand Out from the Crowd…

Chances are, most people simply won't do webinars even though they're so incredibly powerful.

People are afraid to do a webinar, and especially when it comes to doing a webinar with a sales presentation at the end. This is great for YOU if you're willing to step out of the box a bit, put your fear aside, and get through your first webinar!

The truth is that's usually all it takes to break you away from the fear! But again, most people won't take that leap, which gives YOU a massive advantage!

Are you doing webinars? Tell me in the comments below.

You rock,

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