Have you ever heard of analysis paralysis? Yeah well that is exactly what holds so many people back from taking action on their dreams. It held me back for a very long time. I see people everyday that struggle with this and I feel for them because I used to struggle with this too.

It's not that they mean to do it, its just that most aren't aware that they are doing it so that they can make the proper corrections. This video will help you recognize it so you can make the proper changes to move forward. Enjoy it!

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4t5TkwBRQk[/youtube]

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    7 replies to "What Is Holding You Back? It’s Time To Figure It Out!"

    • John Duffy

      Stick to network marketing and steer away from american history….Mark – Thomas Edison is a better choice for the lightbulb part! lol

      Great message though…

      • Mark Harbert


        That should give you a big clue that you absolutely don’t need to be smart to make money in this industry. I am the worst when it comes to history that’s for sure….LOL. You rock John!!

        Mark Harbert

    • jesse johnson

      hi mark you’re right again being overly analitical can & does prevent forward movement & can cause us to become lathargic having a proper mindset that allows for mistakes but at the same time learning from them to help improve is nothing more than human naturre. thanks again & have a nice day in spite of the inclement weather. by the way it was thomas edison who invented the light bulb. thanks again

      • Mark Harbert

        Yeah, I figured that one out regarding the light bulb…..LOL. That ought to prove that being smart and having head knowledge is not a prerequisite to success, decisive clear cut action is what will help you reach your goals.

        Mark Harbert

    • Juli Becker


      I can so relate to what you are saying about pressure people can feel on the job. Where I work (student loan servicing center) our calls are monitored and recorded, and we are scored based on an exact script we are required to follow. Sadly, this can sometimes translate into my network marketing prospecting calls, where it paralyzes me from even wanting to make the call because I’m worried that I’ll make a mistake. I am determined to overcome though! Watching you and Frank excel the way you have recently sets my soul on fire!

      Thank you so much for all that you do and being the leader that you are!


      • Mark Harbert

        Thats awesome Juli that you see that, we can make mistakes here and not have to pay a huge price like you might have too at a job. Here you can make mistakes and still make money. Great to see you stop by and say hi. 🙂

        Mark Harbert

    • James Umber

      Hi Mark, Great video. Just so you know. I used to be that way, but right now I am just doing what I understand how to do in the instructions, and continuing to learn, as I go.

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