Do you know that your belief system has everything to do with your success?

Yup its true, what you believe about who you are, and what you are will bring forth the results in your business good or bad. Do you actually believe that you can build this business?

Do you actually believe that success is for you? These questions are what you must ask yourself if you are going to move beyond your comfort zone and see success.

Just recently I did another MLSP wake up call, and I talked about this exact topic, and how to shape your belief system so that you can actually begin to see some success and generate leads.

Take a few minutes and listen to this audio because you will see on this call that I got fired up about this. Enjoy it!!


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    3 replies to "Is Your Belief System Keeping You Broke?"

    • Chris White

      I can believe that 100 percent. Since joining the Marines, I’ve come to realize that 90 percent of the battle is mental. I’m not officially a Marine yet, but I tell myself I am. because of this, I’m beginning to act like one. same goes with my Melaleuca business. I fully believe that by my birthday on May 24, I will have reached Senior Director, entitling me to a 400 dollar a month car bonus. (oh, and did I fail to mention the 5000 dollar residual every month?)

    • Emi

      Thank you Mark,
      love the call 🙂

      • Mark Harbert

        You are welcome Emi. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. 🙂

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