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Let's face it, the skepticism online today is pretty much at an all-time high and that isn't going away anytime soon.

People that come online want to know who they are doing business with before they are willing to buy.

Can you still drive massive traffic and get sales? Of course. By why not focus on building an audience that knows you, likes you, and trusts you?

An audience that can get to know you and is willing to buy from you over and over again because you are the go-to person?

Here are a few places you should focus on to build your audience and then you can market to them on a regular basis.

Build Up Your Facebook Business (Fanpage) Page

This is what I call your Facebook asset. Building up a targeted group of followers on your page is the first part to succeeding on Facebook.

You can do this by driving highly targeted likes to your fan page or build up a messenger list using bots like ManyChat of those people that are more likely to want your product or service.

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Who is your target market?

Take a few minutes to figure out who your target market is and run a like ad to those people. Then on a regular basis, post great content, as well as run highly targeted ads to those people giving them exactly what they want.

You can do this with great blog posts, videos, and training that is right in line with what they want.

When you focus on the right people that are a fit for what you do, giving them what they really want is not that hard.

Build Up A Custom Audience via Re-targeting

Ok, for the non-techie you might be freaking out right now wondering what the heck retargeting is, but really it's not that hard.

In essence, you have a website that installs a little piece of code (not hard to install at all) and Facebook will track those visitors for you.

Easy peasy right?

This will allow you to put up an ad targeting just those people later on if you choose for as little as $1 per day. Targeting the exact people that visited your site, you can now keep in touch with them via videos, new blog posts etc.

Simple right?

It's actually one of the most powerful strategies you could employ in your business if you are using Facebook.

It allows you to maximize each and every visitor you get to your website, blog, capture page, etc.

Imagine being able to segment all your audiences based on the interests they have?

Can you say POWERFUL?

It's actually really easy to do as no matter what page or article you are sending people to, you can target just those people with similar offers that are in line with their interests.

You may have seen this strategy used by big brands like Amazon, eBay, or ebags. You notice it when you visit a website, then go back to Facebook and see an ad right in front of you about what you were just looking at on the site?

Pretty cool huh? What if you could use that same technology in your business? You can and it's not hard to implement at all.


Audience building moving forward is what is working right now. As a matter of fact, if you are not using this overall strategy to drive traffic, build a list, and connecting with more people, then you are not leveraging yourself.

Can you build person to person? Of course. But why not use the best of technology to create leverage in your business and get more exposure to the masses?

Audience building is simple. Be everywhere your prospects are online.

When you build your audience online, you have a group of people that you know are willing to not only look at what you have but buy as well.

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You rock,

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