Many people want to be the go-to person when it comes to having success in their particular niche.

Why? Because people follow those with authority and authority can and usually does equal profits in your business.

But, there are three things I find that you should focus on if you want to be a genuine authority in the eyes of your prospects.

Don't Say You're An Authority… Prove It

The best way to be an authority is to BE IT!

There are many people that say they are an authority but really aren't. If you want to be an authentic authority, produce a result and then share with people how you did it.

For instance, if you are a marketer and you teach marketing and you are going to teach people how to generate 100 leads per day yet you haven't generated 100 leads per day, there is a disconnect.

In the long run, it hurts you and doesn't help you because people can see through that.

I have coaching clients that have taught people how to get 5 leads a day consistently because that's what they have accomplished and their students haven't.

Guess what? There are tons of people out there that have never generated a lead before… EVER… and they would love to generate 5 leads. You are now the authority.

If you are in the health and wellness niche and you know how to help someone lose 40 pounds then give them tips and tricks to make it happen.

Maybe you have lost 40+ pounds yourself and you can share exactly how you did it with authority.

When I say go produce a result, I am not saying you have to be the best, just teach on how you did what you did even if they are small successes.

Let The People Anoint You As The Authority

Some self-proclaimed authorities spend too much of their own time patting themselves on the back because they think doing that will give the perception of being an authority.

The only problem is, its tacky and it doesn't work.

The best way to become an authority is doing what I said in point #1 and then sharing your results tactfully with your audience.

When I say tactfully, I don't mean flashing Benjamins or posting ridiculous hyped-up claims all over social media.

You produce the result, share those results, and let the people anoint you as the authority.

People will notice you and they will want to follow you because they see the tangible proof and believe what you teach.

If you go about doing it this way, you will find that your results will last, your authority will be shared around, and your audience will grow.

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Earn Your Position

Many people believe that becoming an authority is all about “paying your dues”, but that is wrong.

There is no set amount of time. It can take you a month, it can take you a year, it can take you 10 years.

But if you teach what you have done, guess what? You become an authority.

In reality, you are an authority right now. That's right. How many leads have you generated? 3?

Guess what, you are now the authority on how to generate 3 leads.

There are people that have generated NO LEADS. They will look to you to get to the 3 lead per day mark.

It's like that in anything. Are you into health and wellness? Do you share great information and know your craft? Then you have become an authority because you know what they don't. Make sense?

Don't get into the trap of thinking you need to pay your dues. You can become an authority NOW, not tomorrow but NOW!

In an audio podcast, I did a few years back, I talked about this as well. I encourage you to listen to it because I know you will get value from it.

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