We've all heard it a zillion times. If you want to be successful in the home biz arena, you've got to become a leader that others want to follow.

But what if you're not a natural-born leader? How do you just become a leader? Can you?

The truth is that most leaders are made, and not born.

Like anything, you must first know the qualities that a great leader has… so that YOU can emulate them, and get closer to leadership yourself. The great part is that it's not as hard as you might think. It just takes a few mind switches and a few new habits.

So let's get to them…

The Five Leadership Qualities That Ensure People Will Start Following YOU…

#1 Confidence

Let's face it. If someone isn't confident in themselves, it really doesn't make you want to follow them anywhere, does it?

Especially if you expect them to follow you down the scary path of starting a home biz. This is essentially no-man's land for most people.

So how do you gain and portray confidence? Entire books have been written on this subject alone, and you'd do yourself a huge favor to go read some of those.

But here's the good news…

The other attributes of leadership that I'll be going over next, will lead you down the path to becoming more confident. And that confidence will show through these qualities…

#2 Direction (Knowing Where You're Going!)

So let's say you're with a group, in the middle of the thick woods. And you get lost.

Which member of the group would you rather follow? The person who has direction, and seems to know where the heck they're going? Or the person who keeps wandering around aimlessly, with no clue as to which way is “the right way?”

Guaranteed you'd pick the person with direction 10 out of 10 times. You want to get the heck out of there. FAST!!

Well again, when you start a home business, you're moving into what feels like uncharted territory!

So your best hope of getting out “alive” is by having a specific direction that you want to go. A goal, and a plan to get there. That's what you need if you want people to follow you.

When YOU actually have that sense of direction, you don't have to fake it.

That confidence in knowing where you want to go will shine through, and people will be glad to follow you to it. Because it means that if they follow you toward a goal, they'll also reap the benefits of attaining that goal.

Direction puts you one HUGE step closer to becoming the leader you want to be in the home biz industry.

But let's kick it up a notch, shall we?…

#3 Infectious Passion

The magical thing about passion is that it's infectious.

When you have a passion for something, the people around you start to gain passion too, JUST from seeing how passionate YOU are.

Have you ever watched a sport that you weren't all that into with someone who was insanely passionate about it? Maybe they LOVE one of the teams that are playing.

They can get pretty darned passionate about it!

Don't believe me? Head to a bar in Boston when the Patriots are playing.

Sit with a New York Rangers fan and see what passion really is!

Watch a Conor McGregor fight with a Conor McGregor fan. Or watch it with someone who hates him. You'll see the passion in action for sure!

What happens as you sit there and watch this sport with them. In most cases, if you didn't have a favorite to win before you started, you certainly will by the time the game ends.

What just happened in that case? That person leads YOU to follow THEIR passion.

Their energy took over the room and your energy started to match theirs!

The same thing happens in your business. If you're going in a direction toward your home business goal, and you're totally passionate about it, others will become passionate about it too.

And they'll begin following YOU because of that passion.

#4 Decisive Decision Maker

Being able to make quick decisions on the fly is essential to getting people to follow you.

Wishy-washy people don't lead others. They follow others who are decisive.

They follow those who pick a direction and start trekking toward it. And even when they hit a wall, they quickly decide a way to get around it, go over it, or start over and head in another direction that might work instead.

And of course, that shows confidence! It makes those people confident in you. Sure you maybe took a wrong turn, but you quickly made a decision to correct course, and keep moving. Like a torpedo locked in on a target!

In fact, in some areas of life, indecisiveness can get you killed. Ask the soldiers fighting in dangerous areas of the world. Not making a decision and moving your feet can get you shot!

However, what's the ONE THING that MUST be there as well?…

#5 Integrity & Honesty

When people see that you don't have integrity, they start to doubt you.

They don't trust your decisions, and they begin to feel like you don't really have a clear sense of direction.

Of course, once they start to feel that doubt, they doubt the sincerity of your passion too. Then what happens? You guessed it, they stop following you!

Let's go back into the woods, where we're lost and scared… and we are putting our confidence in someone who seems to know what they're doing. What happens when they get lost a couple of times and get you even deeper into the woods?

If you were to ask them if they know what they're doing, or where they're going, and they say YES when they clearly don't, would you keep following them? Not if you're smart you wouldn't!

But what if instead, they answered: “I'm not exactly positive that this is the right direction, but we've gone those two other ways, and we know that they're wrong. So now we're getting closer. And sitting here will get us nowhere and is dangerous!”

BOOM! What happens to your confidence in this person just because they were honest with you? Renewed!!

You may not have ALL the answers to how to succeed in your business yet. But if you're constantly taking action, tweaking your tactics and strategies, and confident in the fact that you WILL find the answer…

Prospects will feel pretty good about following YOU too!!

If you really want to dive into Integrity even deeper, I have created 2 blog posts that really go into how to make sure you do things with greater integrity than the other guy. You can check out part one here, and part two here.

Fact or Myth?

So to become a leader in the home biz arena, must you have a ton of huge success under your belt?

I think you know that answer. 🙂

If you got value from this post feel free to share it and leave me a comment below as I love your feedback.

You rock,

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