So you just paid your money and now you're looking for some MLM tips that will help you build your business effectively. Well here is a few that will set the foundation for you as you move forward and will help you come out of the gate running.

MLM Tips # 1 – Set clear goals that are attainable

Now that you have joined the right team and the right company, the very first goal you should have is setting a plan of action in which you have distinct, measurable, attainable, and practical goals.

Begin by jotting down your daily goals, your weekly goals, and your monthly goals and be as unique and detailed as possible.

For instance, maybe you want to generate more leads each day for your business. Break it down and get specific on the details and marketing strategies you want to carry out to make it happen.

Another point is to go into detail about how much money you want to generate on a weekly or monthly basis. It is also important to distinguish the amount of people you’d want as customers and how many people you want as business partners per month.

The most important part is to also make sure you write down the rewards that you will give yourself for reaching each goal you attain. It's very important to reward yourself for working and sticking to your plan of action.

Out of all the MLM tips listed here, this is very key and very fundamental to your success.

MLM Tips #2 – Stick to a schedule

To become productive during your career in network marketing you must teach yourself to stick to a strict schedule that you can follow consistently and faithfully.MLM Tips

Dedicate a minimum of 10 to 15 hours per week to concentrate solely on your business. Utilize your time wisely by knowing exactly what you will do with all the time you have scheduled.

Save some specific time for marketing activities like generating leads as this really is the lifeblood of your business, so there should be major importance put on this specific activity.

Also, take the necessary time to plan your schedule a minimum of one week ahead of time. Doing this will help you to avoid the common pitfalls and distractions that are certain to come up while trying to build your business.

By following #1 of the MLM tips listed here, this will tip #2 will help you to carry it out.

MLM Tips #3 – Learning is a never-ending process

Time is something you can never get back and your most precious asset in business. Waste it, and you will never get to where you want to go.

If you're just starting out, you need to learn what this awesome industry is all about. The learning journey is something that should be embraced in your career in this industry.

Take what you learn, implement it, and then go back and learn some more. These MLM tips are affective but understand it's a constant process that you must learn to enjoy even when you're making a million or more per year.

Learning does not stop when you have learned the industry. Broaden your horizon so you can learn about new ideas, routines, and practices. These will only make you better. Learn new marketing skill sets that will help you bring in more prospects for your business.

It's important to learn as much as you can, and the most important part is to practice it faithfully once you learn what works.

MLM Tips #4 – Keep your mindset and attitude in a positive state

Have you heard the term “Freedom isn't free” well guess what “Success isn't free” either. It doesn't matter what MLM organization you join, it will not bring you massive wealth overnight or even in one month.

Don't be surprised if you face disappointments, rejection, and crappy responses from people in the beginning. Never be very hard on your self if things do not go your way.

When you have a negative experience look at it as a positive stepping stone to what your goal is and it will be easier to move forward.

Every six and seven-figure earner has had these exact same experiences you have had, and they chose to keep their attitude and mindset in check and moved on to reach their goals in-spite of the challenges they were facing day by day.

As you improve your skills in your business, you’ll will learn certain MLM tips on how to handle challenges and use them as fuel to get you where you ultimately want to go.

MLM Tips #5 – Understand, there is no success inside of your comfort zone

If you have not attempted multi-level marketing in the past, it's probably safe to say your just beginning to understand this industry and what it takes to succeed.

But the most important of MLM tips, is to always strive to reach and push yourself to learn and grow outside your mental limitations.

You must learn to clearly define where your limits are in regards to your skill sets, and then push yourself beyond them. This is what makes great network marketing leaders, and this is what will take you to the heights of success that you desire.

My favorite saying is “Successful people feel the fear, and then they do it anyway”. Adopt this mindset, and you will be well on your way to success in your business.

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    18 replies to "MLM Tips – Five Keys To Help You Explode Your MLM Business"

    • Danny

      Nice blog post Mark on your MLM Tips for people who are brand new in either network marketing or internet marketing! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

    • Rob Benwell

      Il take MLM seriously. I may not have spent a million dollars on my business, but if i put in the time, it can pay me millions(hope so). This is why network marketing is such an amazing opportunity.:-)

      • Mark Harbert

        You got it Rob, stick with it and keep driving forward, and you will reach the goal. Thanks for stopping by my friend.


    • Michael Harrington

      Hi Mark,
      This is a great post, and the 5 tips you speak about are great advice to beginners and seasoned experts.
      Keep up the great content.

      • Mark Harbert

        You got it Michael, thanks for the compliment! 🙂


    • Brian

      I just signed up for network marketing after hearing a lot about how rewarding it is. I am really still a novice at this. Your five tips are deeply appreciated. I learned how important tip 1 is. I’ll start making my daily goals and hopefully they progress into weekly, monthly goals.

      • Mark Harbert

        You are welcome Brian, and thanks for stopping by to say hi. Keep tapped in I have some great training planned for you.

        Mark 🙂

    • Alex

      Hi Mark,

      Excellent tips. I think they could all be applied in our daily life as well. Being positive always is a good way to make things happen and succeed in our goals. Getting out of our shells is never easy. Well success is also never easy. Either we embrace the changes in our lives or just get stuck to what we are and what we have now. 🙂

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks Alex, you are so right on!!


    • Charles Holmes


      Great tips man. Having a goal, a mentor, a system an willingness to humble yourself and get to work is the key to success. Unfortunately, most people who get involved in this industry simply aren’t willing to do the work. But the ones that do earn a great income.

      Nice blog and nice post.


      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks Chuck, I couldn’t agree more. I love what you said, the ones that are willing to do the work make the income, that’s the key. Thanks for stopping by my friend.


    • Justin T


      Great stuff here, the value of network marketing training can not be understated. I have great respect for the value you are offering here, keep up the great work!

    • Jacob

      Like you said. Learning is a never ending thing in this industry. Great post!

    • Maria Eves

      5 great MLM Tips Mark great for newbies in the industry of MLM.
      Very rewarding industry if know what your doing.

      thanks for shareing MLM Tips Mark !!

    • Nicole Anne

      I really enjoyed reading this post Mark. How do you maintain your blog to still be very interesting and unique? I love it! Thanks for sharing these mlm tips. You really gave me a big hand.

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks for the kind words Nicole. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Timothy Pu

      I’ve been reading your blog for the past few days. Love it!
      Just to let you know that i really like the favorite saying “Successful people feel the fear, and then they do it anyway”.

      For me, it’s been all or nothing..It’s reading about you Mark that gives me the motivation.


    • Jose

      Hey Mark. Great tips. I specially agree with sticking to a schedule. Many times when people are staring out they neglect to inform people that this is not a JOB. It is a business and you must work it with a schedule like it is a job.

      Great MLM tips. I hold this dear to me because I struggled in the beginning. But when I began a schedule things began to pick up.

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