There is one thing I have learned in this industry, if you build it, they will come! Who is it exactly that will come?

The Naysayers and the Haters.

If you build a home business or attempt to better yourself and better your situations at any point in your life, you will always and I mean always have people that won't like it and try to pull you down.

This is especially true when you build your business using the internet. For some reason, people feel tougher and more empowered than ever to tell you off or give you their nasty venom.

The truth is, you MUST inoculate yourself from these types of people and never let them steal your dream.

I have seen people get started in their business and within the first 24 hours get a negative comment from a loved one or some other person and they are done before they even get started.

Because I am a guy who is all about being honest and forthright, I have decided to show you some of the negative stuff that comes to me daily in my inbox from people who are on my email list, or from people who email me personally.

Many of these images are from a long time ago, but I still get them pretty regularly from people that seem to have courage behind their keyboard.

Here are a few of the nasty emails and unsubscribes I have received from some of these people just to give you an example.

I show you these because I want you to understand that to succeed you must not take these types of messages from people personally because they will knock you off the path if you let them.


Here is a good one:


How about this one:


This one takes the cake (Sorry if this offends you, but this is probably the worst one I have ever received in terms of pure nastiness….LOL):


Do you see what I mean?????

You again might be asking yourself… Why are you showing me this???

Because you need to know what will come your way when you try to better your life, and when you attempt to build a solid business, THAT'S WHY!

There are dream stealers all over the place, and unless you know what you expect, it will shock you or even scare you and maybe take you out of the game altogether!!

You must learn to understand and not take it personally when these people do what they do. Your dream must be bigger than these morons.

Truth be told, their comments reveal more about them than it does about you.

I have received way more than what I am showing you here, pretty much daily I get them, and I occasionally post them on Facebook.

I don't do it for any other reason but to help my fellow entrepreneurs build up a tolerance for this type of behavior so when it comes their way, they know what to expect. These few examples give you a taste of what to expect.

On the other hand, I get amazing emails daily from people all the time that are very appreciative of me and my training and give me very positive emails and great encouragement as well. You must learn to take the good and push aside the bad.

This business is not always easy, but it's worth it and I can guarantee you will be met with negatives along the way.

Nobody ever created a dent in history without their lovers and their haters. So don't let the negatives hamper you either.

If you know somebody that could really use some encouragement regarding this, pass this blog post on to them and if you got value please leave me a comment below.

You rock,

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    13 replies to "How To Handle Negative Comments From The Haters"

    • Kevin Hauff

      For being such a nerdy ugly fat ass dickhead, you sure are creating quite an online empire. The ignorance of some people will never cease to amaze me. With you being my personal mentor and close friend, I know what an amazingly intelligent, generous, honest, giving and genuine person. You are simply a BadAss and a Marketing Leader that many look up to and learn from. You know I love you bro!

    • Mark Harbert

      LOL, you rock man. I had to put this post together. More people need to prepare themselves for this type of stuff, cause it will come, its all a matter of how you handle it, and what you do with it that matters. 🙂

    • Mary M Austin

      How sad that these people think they have no other way to express themselves. No matter how many rude comments I ever get, I will know its just a fraction of what Oprah got when she did the first live, worldwide webinar with Ekhardt Tolle a few years ago. And most of those hateful comments were from people who consider themselves good Christians. LOL, go figure. So Mark, you are in good company.

    • Molina Waddell

      I think they are just people that lack self confidence themselves and they're just looking for someone to jerk around and deter the path of success that they're on and they just wish they could be there but don't feel they have the "it" factor to achieve. I have been in this too long to know that nay sayers are really just naive to what it means to have the courage to go for something bigger than they know or understand. You ROCK; Mark.

    • Cesar Ramirez

      Wow Mark! And here I thought I was the only one getting curse words thrown at me lol. Here's the reality of it all. You spoke the truth on this post. Great job my friend. You're a good dude with a warm heart and it's people like you that keep this industry pushing forward. I asked one of my mentors what's the best way to respond to these. This may help some of you out. Write back. "Sorry you feel that way." <– genius because it starts to make them think about themselves and the fact that you're a bigger person.

    • Jenni Ryan

      wow people are so nasty! keep rocking it Mark. The bigger your onlien presence is the more haters you will get. pretty scary really. just have to do our best to ignore it and realise that their words mean nothing.

    • Amish Man

      What a shame Mark Harbert one of the most giving guys I have seen in this business. Sad part is there are people out there like these insensitive ones you show us in any business. Keep the Rock Star on Top Mark , you have way more lovers then a few bad emails. Just let them know its Mr. Dickhead next time.

    • Jaye Carden

      Yea I’ve seen it before. I had one recently on a video I made where the guy not only hit me with some crappy comment, he even attacked the owner of my company, then bad mouthed his wife too! So it shows they are angry at something to speak so vile, and uncontrolled anger and emotion leads to failure.

    • Julia

      Well this post has divine timing!
      An online friend to us both has been tagging me in posts about scammers, gossiping, and telling people I’m a scammer. ? When I asked him about it, he denied it. Erm… it’s right there on FB, dude.

      So venomous behind the screen but a coward in real life.

      Come to think of it, the same guy has dissed many people to me, so why am I surprised?

      Thanks as always for your perspective and graciousness Mark!

    • Deb Meyer

      Thanks for sharing. I haven’t gotten these yet so I apparently haven’t made enough money or been in front of enough people. I need to work harder! In the short time I’ve been reading and participating I appreciate your closeness to the Lord and sharing it. They are wrong about you. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Susan Ray

      This is truly a helpful post. The first time it happened, it rocked my world.
      Took me out for 2 weeks. Mean people are just mean because they are
      hurting so bad but if they would only realize they have the power to change.

    • Tammy Collins

      I’m so sorry you had to endure that!! That is absolutely horrible! Some people are just pure evil! You are truly a valuable source of information and I appreciate you and your face!! You are a trooper! Thanks for sharing! SMH!!

    • Terri Landrath

      I’ve heard of ‘them’ being described as crabs in a bucket. You can throw a lot of crabs in a bucket but none will escape because when one gets close to the top, the others will pull it back down.

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