Before I give the results to my recent product launch affiliate contest, I want to say a few words.

Gratitude! That is the only word I know right now to describe the feelings I have from going through this experience.

That is the only word I know right now to describe the feelings I have from going through this experience.

One of the greatest experiences and feelings in life is when you have a vision of where you want to go, what you want to accomplish and how many lives you want to impact, and it finally happens.

Almost ten months ago I had the vision to create a product that would help anybody get started with video marketing. Being in the home business niche, I saw a huge need for this type of product in the marketplace.

A product that takes a brand new person that knows nothing, and gets them to authority status with their prospects in a short period using online video as the vehicle.

The No-Fear Video Marketing System is the result of a near ten months of planning, preparation, and hard work.

To get this product out to the marketplace I had a large scale affiliate launch that would allow many people to promote if they wanted to and make commissions.

I had a full-scale contest with cash prizes and lots of support from some amazing people. The contest consisted of cash prizes and bonuses. Here are the results.

The No-Fear Video Marketing System Contest Results

  1. Ray HigdonWinner of the $10,000 cash bonus PLUS 15% bonus Commissions Per Sale. Words can't even describe how grateful I am to have Ray's support. He has been an amazing coach and mentor. I love you brother.
  2. Gavin Mountford & The Networking SuperstarsWinner of the $5,000 cash bonus PLUS 10% bonus Commissions Per Sale. You guys came out with guns blazing in this contest, and I can say there is no question that the networking superstars have made a statement. Congrats to you guys.
  3. Mike HobbsWinner of the $3,000 cash bonus PLUS %5 bonus Commissions Per Sale. Mike, you rock man. I seriously consider it a privilege to have your support. You are an amazing marketer and the value you give is off the charts. Appreciate you man. Also big shoutout to Desmond Soon who teamed up with Mike to crush it in this contest.
  4. Tanya Aliza & Cesar RodriguezWinner of the $1,500 cash prize. In the words of Miley Cirus, you guys came in like a wrecking ball and catapulted right to the top 5 and pretty much stayed there the entire time. Appreciate you guys so much.
  5. Nadya & John Melton – Winners of the $500 bonus. These guys are amazing. You guys just simply rocked this contest. Watching you guys go out there every day was just flat out awesome. Can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am for you.
  6. April-Marie Tucker & The Freedom Posse – My great friend April and your crew. Your support has been awesome. Every day you guys were racking up sales. Proud of you all and super grateful for your support.
  7. Norbert Orlewicz – Dude, Norbert crushed it on this launch. Every day you were popping sales and upsells. Watching you work has been fun. Appreciate all your have done for our industry and to have your support has been awesome. Thank's brother.
  8. Justice Eagan – Justice you are an amazing marketer. I honestly don't know of anyone that is as strategic as you. It's so cool learning from you also how you go out there and crush it. Thanks so much for your support bud. Means a lot.
  9. Eddie & Angela Villa – So this power couple came out of nowhere and jumped right into the top 9 in a matter of a few days. I remember looking and saying “Who are these guys? They are crushing it!”. Huge congrats to you guys. You have made a mark in the online space.
  10. Lisa Torres – Lisa you are a true professional. Seeing you pop sales every day was fun to watch. Huge congrats to you for rounding out the top 10. Proud to call you a friend. Appreciate you.
  11. Adam Chandler – You rock man. Appreciate you and your drive to succeed. You put in an awesome effort. Thanks for your support buddy.
  12. Ron Gelok – Ron you did amazing man. So cool to see you do your thing and to see how people respond to you. You are an amazing guy. Appreciate your support buddy.
  13. Vince Reed – Vince you are a rockstar man. Having your support means a lot. Thanks for all you do for this industry and to help people in their business. Appreciate you man.
  14. Bob Clarke – I have to say, watching you do your thing Bob is so cool. I read all your emails and your promotions; you are a genius. Appreciate you my friend. Thanks for your support.
  15. Steve & Lanacia Rachel – Both of you guys, are true class acts. Hanging out with you guys and getting to know has been awesome. Thanks for your support guys. I truly appreciate it.
  16. Masa Cemazar & Miguel Montero – The power couple from down under. You guys are so amazing. Getting to know you both over the last year has been so fun. True professionals in our industry. Thanks for all you do, and thank you so much for your support.
  17. Ellie Walsh – Wow watching you bring in sales was fun Ellie! Look forward to getting to know you more for sure. Great to have you on board for the launch, I greatly appreciate your support during the launch. Means a lot.
  18. Tracey Rose – My Aussie friend. You rock Tracey. You are a true class act, and I appreciate you big time. Thanks for all you do.
  19. Keysha Bass – Keysha in the house. Thanks so much my friend for your support. So great to connect and see the great things you are doing in your business. Congrats
  20. Dr. Lisa Thompson – The Queen of implementation. Lisa, you are amazing. Thanks so much for your positive energy that you always put out into the market. Great to have your support. Huge thanks to you. 🙂
  21. Elisha De Jonge – This is one of my biggest joys, watching Elisha go out there and do things she didn't know she could do. Proud to be a part of your journey. This is just the beginning my friend. See?  You can do this! 😉
  22. Alex Ford – Congrats Alex, great to see you on this leader board my friend. 🙂
  23. Deb Bennett – Deb, congrats to you. You deserve a big shout out for making this leaderboard.
  24. Rubi Torres – I can say that I can't wait to see what this gal does. 😉 Ruby you are on fire right now. Great to see you breaking through and making this leader board. Congrats to you.
  25. Alycia Skousen – A Great job my friend, and thank you for your support.
  26. Jen Johnson – I can say with full conviction I see some major promise in your future. Keep it up.
  27. Angela Mitchell, Antonio Thompson, Clive Jeffrey, Danielle Cloutier, Elizabeth Oliva, Heidi Caccamise, Marquel Russell, Robert Minarich
  28. Terry Lamb, Yvette Brisco, Simon Palmer
  29. Angela Boswell, Don Lachance, Bonnie Cribbs, Howard Rosenberg, Lee Nelli, Matt Remorino, Mark Eaves, Miguel Fuentes, Michelle Pescosolido, Rob Fore, Jeff McGeary


The No-Fear Video Marketing System Re-Open Contest Results

  1. Eddie & Angela Villa$1,000 cash bonus winner! What the??? Dude, you guys CRUSHED IT! So great to connect with you guys. Huge congrats to you on the re-open contest. In the end, you won by a few sales. But I could see the determination you had during the 48-hour reopen. Congrats to both of you. Treat yourself to something nice with your 1K prize. Appreciate you both.
  2. Gavin Mountford & The Networking Superstars$500 cash bonus winner! Man…. you guys are all over this contest and deserve all recognition due to you. I can't thank all of you enough. You are all truly rockstars, and there is no question that the Superstars have made a name for themselves. Each of you deserves a huge round of applause. You have done amazing.
  3. Lisa Torres$300 cash bonus winner! Dude, Lady Torres, you are AMAZING!! So grateful to have your support. Watching you do your thing is super fun. You have an amazing audience, and you serve them well. Congrats to you.

Please take a moment to comment below and congratulate all the people on these leaderboards for putting a huge effort into the contest. Each one of them deserves all the recognition.

It is an honor for me to work with each of you and look forward to much more in the future.

God Bless,

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Mark Harbert


    20 replies to "The No-Fear Video Marketing System Affiliate Contest Results"

    • Ron Gelok III

      Mark, this was an awesome contest and you have an amazing product that is going to help a ton of people. I’m really thankful for online entrepreneurs like you that are focused on creating results for others. The decision to promote your course was a really simple and outstanding YES! I will def promote the next product as well and know my audience will get incredible value.

      To all the other affiliates, it was really fun running with you and look forward to playing again soon! Thank you all for doing so awesome and motivating me to become a better marketer. See you all again next time!

    • Ellie Walsh

      This was truly a fun affiliate contest! …

      It was easy for me to promote because of the value you bring to the people Mark!

      And I feel like I know you … I see you here and there and over yonder … Oh dam – I guess that video stuff works! lol 😉

      Of course I also bought the product as I am always learning.

      Big Thanks for all you do Mark Harbert ….

      And a Huge Shout Out to all the people who have promoted this and who are coming on this video journey!

    • Simon Palmer

      Congrats to everyone involved. It was my first launch ever and pretty exciting too!!

    • Seb Brantigan

      Well done to all affiliates…awesome launch for a life changer! Was very humbled to be amongst some big names for the beginning stages 🙂 thanks again Mark for this opportunity!

    • Lisa Torres

      This was so much fun to watch and participate in. Thanks for putting it together and congratulations to all the winners.

    • Danielle Cloutier

      Congrats to everybody! It was so much fun to watch everyone's progress throughout the launch! This was a great experience for me, and I can't thank Mark enough for the opportunity and encouragement to push myself!

    • Tom Vaughn

      congrats to everyone. It was a great opportunity. Look forward to the next

    • Tracey Rose

      This is so cool guys … This was a fun launch to be a part of … Congrats to everyone!!!

    • Karen Anderson

      Congratulations to each and every one, and especially to Mark. He is a true servant leader!

    • Lisa Hughes

      Congratulations to everyone who took part in this contest! It was great to be part of this and I have learnt so much along the way. A big thank you to Gavin Mountford for giving me the chance to be a part of such an amazing challenge and also to Mark for allowing our team to play a huge part in this. Bring on the next one!!

    • Adam J Chandler

      Awesome launch Mark! Proud to have been a part of it and psyched to be connected to you!

    • Elisha dejonge

      Wow I’m so happy!! Thank u Mark for a awesome course and fantastic competition to be a part of.

    • Nicole Hanchi

      Wooohooo big congrats to all! Grateful to have been part of this product launch on #teamgavin !!! Mark, YOU rock !!!!!

    • Tara Woodruff

      Congrats to Everyone!! WooHoo!!

    • Angie Mitchell

      Congratulations to everyone that participated in the contest. It was a great opportunity to learn how to promote a product with the top leaders!

    • Charmaine Barga

      Gratitude is definitely the key word. Gratitude to you Mark for your vision. Thank you for giving this opportunity to us. It was a great learning experience being an affiliate. Now it's time to learn to become an expert in video marketing. Gratitude to Gavin for allowing the Networking Superstars that stepped up to the plate to be part of this. We are an amazing team and that's an understatement. Congrats to all contest winners! Congrats to Top 29! And congrats to all affiliates for your efforts and hustle!

    • Linda Houlihan

      Congratulations to everyone. This was a great experience for me. Learned a lot. Thanks Mark for the Experience.

    • Andrea Murray

      Congratulations to everyone, gratitude is an awesome word! Special thanks to networking superstars for giving me this opportunity and to mark for delivering this awesome training I've learned so much from this… Thank you

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      Congrats everybody!! Mark you rock buddy! It was a lot of fun to promote this launch I think I made around 10 sales. I decided to join Gavin and the Networking Superstars so congrats to us winning 2nd place, WhooHoo! All of you here on the leaderboards deserve an applaud!

    • Collette Wiedecke

      Congrats to everyone who took part in the contest!!! You all did an amazing job!!! I've just finished module 1 of the training, and looking forward to the rest!!! Thanks Mark!

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