So everyone keeps talking about Facebook paid marketing, but maybe you're feeling left out.

You may think Facebook ads are only for experienced marketers who've been in the game for a while. (HINT: It’s Not!!)

Yet still with that nagging feeling that you’re getting left behind! (HINT: You Are!!)

Or maybe you're just scared to lose money? I get it; I've been there!

For exactly that reason, it took me much longer to start getting serious with Facebook Ads than it should have.

But I'm here to tell you…you're much more ready than you think you are. And there are a number of reasons for that. And luckily for YOU, I'm gonna lay them out for you right now. 😉

Why You're Likely Ready to Start Using Paid Facebook Marketing NOW!

Reason #1: You Can Start VERY Inexpensively

So let's get this one out of the way immediately!

We've all heard horror stories of people losing their shirts in minutes from paid advertising online. The truth is that it can happen if you're careless (it actually happened to me once!)

However, here's the real truth. If you can spare $1 buck a day for your advertising budget, you can start advertising your business on Facebook as quickly as today, in fact. You can actually set the limit so that you WILL NOT go over.

What if you could spend $5 and make $5 back? Better yet… what if you could earn $6, $7, $10, or more back? Then how does that change the way you feel?

So the idea that you must have a lot of money to start is untrue.

Reason #2: You Can QUICKLY Scale Your Business In a Massive Way (FAST!)

So let's say you were able to discover how to create high-converting FB ads that allowed you to pull in free leads, or even profit a few dollars on each.

Well, an ad converts at a $5 a day budget, will convert just as well at $10, $20, even $100+ a day. What does that do for your business?

It gets you doing some very interesting math. The kind of math that lets you stuff your bank account!

The reason why this is so achievable is simple…

My simple rule of thumb is… if works at a small budget, it will work with a big budget.

It's really that simple.

Reason #3: The People Who Want What You Have…and Want You to Lead Them… ARE On Facebook

Because who the heck isn't on Facebook? There are about 2.8 BILLION users on Facebook today. Oh, and that number grows every year.

Of course, not all of those people, or even most of those people want to join you or buy your products.

Remember this, however… if you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody. A certain percentage of them (plenty to go around) ARE there, you just have to find them.

And it's not very difficult at all because Facebook is so good at…

Reason #4: Pinpoint Targeting

So how do you find the perfect fish in such a huge vast ocean that is Facebook?

On Facebook, you’re able to drill down to exactly who they are, what they're interested in, what they do, and where they are (both virtually and physically!)

Facebook is one of the BEST (if not THE BEST) places to pinpoint target YOUR best prospects. No matter what you’ve got to offer, biz ops, info products, physical products, services, your band…you can find the people who want it using the amazing targeting tools inside the Facebook Ads Manager!

Once you find out where they’re hanging out, you then get them to come to you with YOUR ads.

I made a video for you showing you some of the targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads.

Reason #5: Attraction Marketing

By now, you probably know that chasing people around, waving your business opportunity in front of them, and begging them to join… is the least effective way to build your business.

The remedy for that of course is attraction marketing.

Give the people who want what you have, exactly what they want. Let them know you have it, and showcase it to them, so that they see YOU as the trusted and credible expert on that subject.

Of course, they don’t go to Facebook to have YOU market to them. So you’ll be smart, adopt the mindset that you’ll want to help people, and offer them things that will attract them to you, so that they become a lead for YOUR business.

But it doesn’t quite end there…

Reason #6: The Amazing Ability to RE-TARGET and Follow Your Prospects Around So That YOU Become a Familiar Face They Begin to Know!

Imagine if you had a traditional brick-and-mortar offline bakery. A potential customer passes by your bakery and looks in the window at your display of amazing cupcakes.

You can see they’re interested, just not interested enough yet. Maybe they’re not hungry, or in a hurry to get back to the office, or they’re not ready to go off their diet to eat a cupcake.

Once they walk away, even though they look inside at the yummy cupcakes, let’s face it. They’re likely gone for good.

But what if when they walked past another store little ways down the road, they saw a picture of your cupcakes again?

What if they walked inside the store and saw your cupcakes yet again? All along their walk down Main Street, in YOUR TOWN they keep seeing these darn cupcakes of YOURS that look so darn good?

What are the chances of them returning and walking inside your store? Getting a lot better, right?

What if they got home, and you were there with a box of cupcakes waiting on the porch when they pulled up?

(Chances are, they may call the cops and have you arrested actually 😉

However, you CAN do this on Facebook; they think nothing about it. In fact, you can do it in a way that you actually become a welcome distraction. So that eventually, they don’t even care that you’re sitting on their virtual porch.

In fact, they’re happy you are!

Bottom line, Facebook Gives YOU Massive Leverage to Get In Front of Your Best Prospects… and Stay In Front of Them!

And again, you can do it for very little investment starting immediately!

Here is my recent FB Live expanding on each of these points.

Additional Resources To Consider

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✅ ClickMagick – Learn More Here

The #1 rule in marketing is to TRACK EVERYTHING. If you don’t know where your efforts are getting the best results you can't scale it up. This link-tracking software is the best I have seen and I use it myself every day.

Did you get value? Leave me a comment, and feel free to share.

You rock,

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    3 replies to "6 Reasons YOU Should Be Using Facebook Ads in 2023"

    • Jaye Carden

      I am really excited about getting into paid advertising. Have not had the ability to do very much of it in the beginning, but things are changing and I’d love to go the extra mile with expanding my business with paid ads. In the meantime, I’ll be following and paying a lot of attention to what you are teaching!

    • SJ

      Hey Mark,

      I hope you’re well.

      Thanks for this info! We used to do paid advertising on FB at a budget and did attract some ideal clients, however, at that time we didn’t realise that it would take them a few touches before they paid into our service.

      Later on, we left it alone and were told by some other companies that in order to attract the right people, you’d need thousands of $$$$$$$ to do just that, except, what they didn’t tell us is that all we had to do is target our key audience, which is what we were doing.

      It’s as though they were putting the frighteners on us, so that we pay them for their help. Listen, I don’t mind investing in our business, but with legit and honest people.

      Anyhow, as time went on, we just left it alone and we were then told to promote organically without paid advertising to see how far we can go with it, it worked and now your vid has given me the nudge to go back into paid advertising on a budget and use the knowledge we now have which we never had back then.

      Your email came at the right time!

      Thanks for that, 😀

    • frances jackson

      Thank you for this information. Boy do I have a lot to learn..

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