Why People Actually Buy From YOU (Hot-Buttons to Boost Sales!)

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the world is selling!!

You'll hear a lot of people say they hate selling. Or they'll give up because they're not breaking through to their prospects and getting them to buy their stuff, or join their opportunity.

The truth is, it's not as difficult as you're making it. Especially once you know the truth about sales. And that truth is…


What the heck does that mean? It means that people don't make buying decisions based on logic 98% of the time. What do they use!


Emotion, in fact, is the driving force behind almost every decision you make. And buying is essentially a decision of whom you will give your money.

So the secret is that when you can bypass logic (which isn't all that hard) and can tap into the emotional parts of someone's brain…then your chance of making sales increases dramatically.

Logic only comes into play at the end. To justify the purchasing decision that they've made through emotion. Not the other way around!

Of course, the trick is to tap into the right emotions that get people to whip out their credit cards. And you guessed it; I'm about to tell you exactly how to push some of your prospects emotional hot buttons that trigger them to hit the buy button!

Emotions Hot ButtonsThat Get Your Prospects to Buy from YOU!

#1: “Whats in it for me?” Syndrome!

The truth is that we all have this mentality in us. And we all buy based on this way of thinking! Truth be told, you are thinking that right now as you read this article am I right? 🙂

But let's look at this in an emotional sense. We all have dreams for MORE!! More money. More time. A bigger house. A nicer car! You name it. We want something that we don't have.

The “Whats in it for me” mentality grabs attention. Which is why nearly every headline uses the word MORE! “Get More Leads” “Make MORE Money” “Get MORE Free Time” “Lose MORE Weight!”

So don't judge your prospects because they're somewhat selfish at the beginning because if they weren't, they'd probably never pay attention to you in the first place 😉

#2 Know, Like, and Trust!

Over the past couple posts on how to build your lead list FAST, we've talked a lot about Know, Like, and Trust!

KNOW: Repetition alone (getting in front of prospects often) can help you build the know! This happens with email marketing by using your auto-responder to send daily and weekly emails.

LIKE gets built simply by showing someone that you care. That you identify with them. In the marketing world, that means they see that you can relate to their struggles and that you believe in the same dream that they're trying to achieve.

This element can also be built through The Law of Reciprocity. We tend to like a person who gives us something VALUABLE! A gift (hence your lead magnet on your capture page!)

TRUST is built by being credible. Being seen as an authority in some area. You can see this in action every time you see a commercial or ad where they're marketing a medical product. What do they always feature? A doctor in a white coat! This is a person that we've looked to as an authority figure nearly our entire lives.

But you don't have to be a doctor or even a professional. You just have to prove that you know what you're talking about! That gets done by providing value and…


One of the strongest ways to influence a buying decision is to show that other people are using your product, or joining your opportunity.

People almost always look to see what others are doing before they act. Us humans love to follow a crowd. It's used as evidence by our minds that we're making a SAFE decision.

In our world, testimonials are one of the greatest ways to use social proof. Show your potential customers that others are having a good experience with your product and it could easily push them over the fence into a buying decision.

Testimonials do something else very effectively…


We all need to feel the hope that we can achieve our dreams. That there's something better for us down the road. That we can eventually be fulfilled.

Entire presidential campaigns have been built on HOPE!

People go through their entire days (and sometimes nights) in despair. Wondering how they'll get out of their current situations. When you can change some of that despair to hope, you quickly build goodwill with prospects.

And when you can deliver on that hope in even the smallest way, they'll be bonded with you like glue!


This is also known as SCARCITY. People hate to feel like they're about to miss out on something.

When your prospects feel that something is about to be taken away, is rare, is exclusive, or is about to get a huge spike in price, it'll cause them to act NOW instead of later.

For brevity, I need to provide no other example here than BLACK FRIDAY! 😉

Now that you're aware, you can start adding these emotional hot-buttons into your marketing messages and watch your sales surge!

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You Rock,

Mark Harbert

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