Have you ever seen someone share a piece of content on Facebook, or Twitter, and wished that you could get people sharing more of YOUR stuff?

Me too!

Because let's face it… More shares mean more traffic, more credibility, and therefore more leads and sales. So it's important to get people sharing like crazy!

Luckily there are some psychological triggers to make this happen more often. You've just got to tap into these triggers that make people want to hit the like and share button! The best part is that it's not all that difficult.

It's important to understand that people aren't necessarily going to share your content to help YOU gain more leads and sales! They're not ALWAYS going to do it for YOU!

So WHY are they doing it?…

4 Reasons People Will Like & Share Your Content (And How to Make it Happen More!)

#1 To Make Themselves Look Good!

Surprise surprise! They're trying to raise their own social currency, just like all of us! They want to make themselves look like someone worth following, someone worth caring about.

And what makes people look good? Value! Stuff that will help their followers.

It's the ultimate win/win! They look good for paying it forward, and YOU look good for being the person who created that value! In fact, you look like the expert who created something so profound that this person felt compelled to share.

So if you want people sharing your stuff, make sure it's valuable to a hungry audience. (Sort of like this article. Feel free to hit share if you like 😉

#2 To Help Other People

See… people aren't completely selfish! We all have that itch to help others. Why?

Because it makes us feel happier to help others. It's been proven by science in fact. Just think of how you feel when you give someone something they want or need. Gifts are often much better to give than to receive!

Ever been able to give a friend a loan that you didn't expect or want to be paid back?

How great did that feel?

It gives us humans a rush of oxytocin (the same hormone that spikes when we get a hug), and that simply feels darned good!

So how do you get people to share your content and feel good about it?

Create inspirational content. Feel good stories. Stories that make you say awww! People will share those more often because it makes them feel good to help others feel good.

#3 To Support a Cause Close to Their Heart!

We all have a cause that we care about. The kind of thing that makes you stuff a check in an envelope to help out when you can. Or maybe even just WANT to stuff a check in an envelope when you can.

People will gladly share content that does exactly that.

Of course, there's an endless list of causes that people care about: Children, Abused Animals, Military Vets, Earth/Environment, Homeless, even Cats for some reason (JUST KIDDING!!)

You name it!

The great thing about creating content around these issues that can be shared is that by doing so, YOU are helping these causes yourself!! This is actually a win/win/win!

It's best when you can tie the content to YOUR niche or business. Not everything that people care about is a charity. People care about issues that annoy them as well. For instance, in the home biz niche, people care about getting rid of spammers who make us look bad.

Some people might hate having to rely on warm markets and home parties to run their businesses. While others care about the disconnection of “cold” social media marketing and will want to rail against that type of marketing. There's always an issue, and someone always cares.

When you tap into that with good valuable content, they'll share it because it supports their side!

#4 Human Connection

Here's something cool…

Some people WILL actually just like and share your content to establish a connection. Almost as a nod to you because they feel CONNECTED to you in some way.

For instance, let's say you just hit a new level in your home biz. People will often LIKE that post because they're happy for you. Because they're on the same journey as you.

Or maybe your kid just got on the honor roll, and you wanted to share their journey on Facebook, how they struggled with math at the beginning of the year, and then worked hard with a tutor to dig themselves out of the hole, and now they just hit honor roll!

People will LIKE (and maybe even SHARE) that post because hey, they've got a kid too. And it gives them hope.

They now feel a connection with you. Maybe they'll even tag their kid who's struggling or a friend who has a kid struggling.

Social media with all its LIKES & SHARES is the new dinner party.

It's the new Elks Club where people get together to share stories and pains!

Alright, so now you know four ways to create content that people are more apt to like and share! Get out there and do it!!

You rock,

Mark Harbert

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    3 replies to "4 Ways to Get People Sharing Your Content Like Crazy"

    • Great tips, Mark, as always! Rallying against something definitely encourages more shares, and I know this, because I’ve shared many such posts myself 🙂 Thank you for the article!

      • Mark Harbert

        You got it Margarita, my pleasure. 🙂

    • Jaye Carden

      Talk about a blast from the past! This post was written over a year ago, yet still delivers a punch today! This post really gets me thinking about ideas I could use to help in social media! Thanks Mark!

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