The other day I was listening to a personal development audio as I usually do, and I hear something that stuck me in the heart. I had heard this before, but for some reason, this really hit home with me this time.

Let me ask you this…

Do you ever wonder why some people get success while others seem to continually struggle and never seem to get anywhere in their business?

I answered that question in a recent MLSP wake up call. If you can master this, you will succeed in your business.

Listen in now…

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    6 replies to "What You Must Master If You’re Going To Get Results"

    • Jay Markham

      Great Video mark!

    • Aurore Jones

      Awesome call, loved it Mark Harbert.

    • John Thorsell

      Mark, Thank you for the call..
      I can help you with your weight loss if you want. Hint: Is not about exercising more and eating only lettuce!

    • Mark Harbert

      Hey John, I was actually just using that as an example. I do understand that loosing weight is much more than that for sure, and you are welcome for the call bud. 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Awesome Aurore, glad you liked it!! 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks bud!!

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