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It's no secret that social media namely Facebook is one of the key ways to generate leads and create long lasting relationships doing online.

The key to making it work is staying focused on a few fundamentals that make all the difference.

Use these three keys and you will find just how easy and fun it is to build your business.

Tip #1 – Be Sociable

It's funny that I need even to say this, but you would be surprised how many people don't get this very simple and fundamental key.

It's called social media because that is what you are supposed to do, be sociable.

This means, make sure you are liking and commenting on other people's posts on Facebook.

Many people wonder why nobody engages on their posts, but usually, it's because they are not engaging themselves.

Facebook is no different than if you were in person or in a conversation with your best friend.

I have friends on Facebook, who I have never met face to face or even talked to them on the phone that if I were coming to town, they would probably offer me their couch.

That's how powerful Facebook can be.

Tip #2 – Learn To Ask Questions

One of the most powerful ways to get conversations going is to ask questions. Questions elicit responses, which in turn create opportunities to bring up your business.

This is an art form. The more you do it, the better you get at getting conversations going and leading them down a path to your product or service.

The simplest questions to ask are…

  • What do you do?
  • Do you enjoy it?
  • What exactly does that entail?

And so on…

The more questions you ask, and the more you get conversations going, the more opportunities will show themselves to you.

Tip #3 – Never Spam

I hate that I have to bring this up all the time, but on Facebook, you simply can't post links all the time and expect people to react.

Never post a link UNLESS you have provided much value first.

There is no formula to this, but you should have way more value on your page than you do pitch posts.

People love to read stories and content when they come to Facebook. Make sure you use this to your advantage as it will take up your engagement, which means more leads.

Another point on spamming, NEVER send a private message with a link unless you have their permission to do so.

When I am in a conversation on Facebook and business comes up, I will say…

“I have a really cool video that can explain how all of this works. If you are cool with it, I can give you the link and you can check it out?”

Almost always they will say yes and now get an exposure…

If you want to get good at this, I suggest you check out the free video series my friend Jessica Higdon created that goes into how to use Facebook and get amazing results.

Click Here To Watch The Free Video Series

If you get value from this post, feel free to share and leave me a comment as I love to get your feedback.

You rock,

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Mark Harbert

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    9 replies to "Three Quick & Easy Facebook Tips For More Leads"

    • Patrick Ducat

      Things are great tips to remember for any social media platform. Thanks, Mark!

    • Angelic Sexton

      Great advice as always – Thank you Mark!

    • Peggy Lee

      Thanks for sharing these valuable tips Mark! Awesome content!

    • Linn Purdon

      I really like the point you make about asking questions. I like posts and comment, but it hadn't occurred to me to ask questions. Pretty obvious really. Thanks.

    • Michael Kidzinski

      Great blog post Mark. All these tips are simple and very powerful (simplicity is the key) but for some reason most of the people don’t use them.

      There is nothing wrong if someone doesn’t use them if he doesn’t know them but what I can see is that a lot of people are aware of them and still try to share affiliate links on their news feeds or in groups instead of leading with value.

      In my eyes everyone who wants to get results thanks to social media should read this post and use this knowledge ?

    • Diana Singer

      Makes so much sense! As I was reading this I said to myself it's like talking to someone at an event, standing in line at a store and staring a conversation. I just have to apply it to social media.

    • Bryon Wenrich

      Good common sense advice. Thanks Mark. But really you HAVE to check out this link ….. 🙂

    • Lori Janine Thomas

      This makes so much sense. It's so time consuming, but I'm learning that I've got to put in alot more each day to reap the results that I want. Thanks for making these plain and simple to apply.

    • Barbara Payne

      Thanks Mark! That was great information. You're the best!!

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